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Golden Hongqiao International Center in Construction

--     A Major Project in the 井-shaped Core Area of Hongqiao Commercial Hub

Concrete pouring for the 14th floor of the main building framework of the Golden Hongqiao International Center is now under way. The construction project is located to the east of Maotai Road, to the west of Loushanguan Road and to the north of the planned Ziyun Road (W), with a land area being 35,500 square meters and total architectural floorage 260,000 square meters, of which the architectural area above the ground is 140,000 square meters and that under the ground 120,000 square meters. The Golden Hongqiao International Center, after completed, is able to provide an area of 110,000 square meters as space for business offices, 70,000 square meters as space for commercial facilities, and 80,000 square meters as space for supporting facilities. The project is invested in jointly by Shanghai Lianhe Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chengtou Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd., Jinguang Paper Industrial (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Yiduan Investment Co., Ltd.; and is undertaken for construction by Shanghai Golden Hongqiao International Real Estate Co., Ltd.


The Golden Hongqiao International Center is designed by John Portman Architectural Design Firm (U.S.) and East China Architectural Research Institute. The main structure is a门-shaped class-A office building (2 levels under the ground and 4 levels above the ground, with a height being 144 meters); and the podium is a indoor-street, open-style commercial center (2 levels under the ground and 4 levels above the ground, with a height being 24 meters). The project will be a new landmark in the Hongqiao International Trade Center in terms of its mass and design, and is expected to be completed, according to the construction plan, by the end of the year 2012.


According to the construction company, the Golden Hongqiao International Center is positioned as a real property of a world class-A landmark nature. The design of the office building has reached the 6E standard for world’s class-A commercial buildings. The commercial space of the project will be characterized by high-class chain stores, feature stores, leisure and recreation, and catering, and will, by diverse combinations of various open spaces and the subsided plaza, form a fashion center. An open-air platform is set in the subsided plaza, which is capable of spaces for different recreational performances and commercial ‘show’ events. The developer has established a special marketing department, and has started his business planning and cooperation contacts so as to ensure a smooth business operation after the 70,000-square-meter commercial facility is put into its actual application.


Also, the construction of the underground tunnel for No. 3 Exit Gate of Loushanguan Road Station of Metro Line No. 2, which connects to the Golden Hongqiao International Center, has now been initiated and is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. The underground tunnel, once completed, will go across Maotai Road and join the underground tunnel that has been reserved at the Changfang International Plaza. Citizens as well as the white-collars working at the Golden Hongqiao International Center may, later on, take Metro Line No. 2 and get off at Loushanguan Road Station before entering the Center through the underground tunnel. The development and utilization of the underground space will help to release the crowdedness of the streams of people at Loushanguan Road during the rush hours.



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