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Lecture of “Wandering in the City Culture” Series Debuts

The Legend of Hudec Lectured by Dr. Hua Xiahong

With the coming of Hudec’s centenary birthday and the completion of Hudec Memorial, this western architect was well known by countless Shanghai people. And we suddenly found that almost all of the most classic architectures in Shanghai were the works of this westerner. What legendary experiences does he have? What do his works bring to our city? On August 24, the first lecture of “Wandering in the City Culture” series sponsored by Changning Library was held in Shanghai Hongqiao International Library. Dr. Hua Xiahong, the famous scholar and the associate professor of College of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University, lectured “The Legendary Life and Architectures of Hudec” which attracted more than 100 cultural, historical and architectural enthusiasts tightly packed on the 8th floor of the library.

Dr. Hua Xiahong is a doctor major in Architectural History and Theory and a researcher on Hudec architectures. Her works include Analysis on Hudec Works in Shanghai, Shanghai Hudec Architecture Map and L.E.Hudec which is her latest translation work and will be issued at Shanghai Library on October 26.

Dr. Hua’s speech started from the ties of Hudec and Changning. In Changning, especially the Colombia circle and the “Foreign Alley”, Hudec had left many works. The most classic architectures of Hudec in Changning were Wusi House and Xiyan House in No.3 Girls’ High School. Apart from talking about the features of Hudec architectures from the view of architectural aesthetics, Dr. Hua analyzed relationship between Hudec and Shanghai from the point of sociology and psychological status of foreign people in Shanghai and showed everyone a comprehensive and real legendary life of this Austro-Hungarian designer with extremely detailed data and precious photos, which made every audience embody an unique Hudec image. 

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