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Largest Underground Passage Network Initially Shaped

According to Hongqiao Administration Office, the construction of “Underground Corridor” in Hongqiao Business Area launched three years ago will be initially shaped this year, and the new passage network is expected to connect dozens of malls and office buildings in the business area to form a huge underground business area, hopefully making it the longest underground corridor in Shanghai.

After three years of construction, the mall-connecting passage underground for Zunyi Road will soon be completed and put into use, while the one for Xianxia Road connecting L’Avenue with Hongqiao Friendship will be in operation this year; the passage for West Ziyun Road connecting SOHO and The Place is under interior decoration, and the one for Zunyi Road linking Hongqiao Tiandu with SOHO will see civil construction roughly finished by the end of the year. The whole underground passage network is expected to be completed and put into use in 2017, when malls of Loushanguan Road, Zunyi Road and Tianshan Road will achieve interconnection of their underground spaces so that consumers can reach malls and subway stations in a more convenient way.

Hongqiao Administration Office said building the underground corridor is an effort to make Hongqiao Business Area to stand out and attract consumers amid the unfavorable environment for traditional businesses in the siege of e-businesses, but at the same time they’ll polish the overall environment in Hongqiao Business Area to ensure a good public physical environment for business operations.

For instance, the Office started to cooperate with six malls in the area to offer free parking at weekends and holidays from this August; at the end of this September, the Parking Information query system developed by the Office came into operation so that people can follow the WeChat account of “Hongqiao Business Area” and check the latest parking condition in neighboring malls, buildings and hotels in the column “Parking Information”. Meanwhile, the Mobike Program initiated by the Office is in progress and it’s planned that nine Mobike spots will be set around Zhongshan and Hongqiao Business Areas in order to further facilitate communications in the areas, thus boosting the formation of slow-traffic system there.

In addition to the major measures to facilitate parking, personnel of the Office also claimed that with combined efforts of relevant functional departments, they would strive for interconnection between the subway and malls and between malls, both in landscape and in space, thus contributing to further attraction of Hongqiao.

It’s also worth mentioning that up to 21 signs were erected at entrances and exits of subway stations and key sections around Hongqiao, marking the specific locations of neighboring businesses and the paths to get to them, as well as the map of this area, so that it’ll be easier for consumers to know the exact sites of the malls they intend to reach.

As for landscape lighting development, so far lighting installation on Maotai Road has been finished and those of other sections are underway. In 2015, by widely soliciting the suggestions of businesses involved, Hongqiao Administration Office established a landscape lighting scheme for Hongqiao Business Area to be integrated with the lighting demands of the businesses, so that the comprehensive business area will be outlined by the lights which to connect businesses on Zunyi Road, Loushanguan Road, Tianshan Road and Xianxia Road.

Moreover, the Office developed a mobile platform for Hongqiao Business Environment, a try of “Internet Plus” to encourage the public to raise suggestions about improving Hongqiao’s environment.

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