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Changning Low-Carbon Demonstration Area to Be Rounded in 5 Years

According to Changning Development and Reform Commission, Changning nailed down “Plan of Energy Saving, Low Carbon and Tackling Climatic Change for the 13th Five-year Plan” and got it integrated into 34 specialized plans for the district’s 13th Five-year Plan. The recent plan defined the goals of controlling the total amount and intensity of energy consumption and carbon emission, arranged eight tasks including building Changning Low-carbon Demonstration Area, building energy conservation, industrial energy conservation and traffic energy conservation, and raised six supporting measures, such as perfecting top-level management design, optimizing project promotion model and innovating policy system, thus setting down a complete layout of jobs on energy saving and low carbon in Changning.

Changning achieved outstandingly in lifting energy use efficiency, relieving imbalance between supply and demand of energy, transforming economic development pattern and improving the district’s environmental quality during the 12th Five-year Plan, so that Changniang Low-carbon Demonstration Area was granted the fund of Green Energy for Low-Carbon City in Shanghai of the World Bank and listed among the First Group of Eight Low-carbon Development Practice Area in Shanghai. Changning also actively boosted efforts in energy saving in the domains of industry, building, traffic, government departments and public institutions and communities, enhanced financial supports to energy saving and low carbon tasks, strengthened R&D and application of energy-saving technologies, and promoted grassland carbon sequestration and foundation work for energy saving.

The recent plan said that during the 13th Five-year Plan, Changning will heighten its control of the total amount and intensity of energy saving and carbon emission based on its objective of keeping the rise of low carbon development level and roughly rounding a green district; oriented to overall greening, the district will fully blend the idea of green development into modes of production and living and actively exerting the government’s guiding function while highlighting the market’s decisive role.

In the light of the 13th Five-year Plan, Changning Low-carbon Demonstration Area shall be built up and by the end of 2018, based on the cardinal number of 2010, 76,000 tons of standard coal should have been saved and 165,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission should have been cut around Shanghai, in which Changning should contribute 33,000 tons of energy saving, with the energy consumption ratio per unit of value added declined by 22.5% over 2010. To approach the goal, Changning will be active in key projects like energy-saving improvement of existing buildings, new energy-saving buildings of high standard, distributed energy supply system and photovoltaic power generation, low-carbon traffic and Shanghai Low-carbon Community Pilot Project, so as to achieve comprehensive energy-saving improvement of around 1.5 million square meters of existing public buildings like hotels and business buildings, construct 100,000 square meters of new high-standard buildings with an energy saving rate of over 70%, and erect one near-zero-emission building with a carbon emission not more than 25kg per square meter every year. Meanwhile, restricting policies for energy-saving improvement and strengthened criteria for building energy use should be studied and issued, and innovative measures like benchmarking publicity system, simulated carbon trading market and carbon trading microcirculatory system should be explored and implemented.

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