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Recent Activities at Gubei Civic Center

Enjoy Our Life to the Fullest

1. Healthcare for Winter

Time: 2 pm on December 20 (Tuesday)

Venue: Life Service Station on Floor 1 of Gubei Civic Center

Content: Exercising during autumn and winter is surely conducive to immunity improvement and cold resistance, and reasonable diet and healthy way of work and rest are also indispensible for health care. This activity will have professional physicians teach ways of health maintenance with the midwinter approaching.

Organizer: Joyway Senior Care Service

Arranged for: Middle-aged and old community residents

Quota of participants: 15

2. Creative Coffee Making

Time: 2 pm on December 24 (Saturday)

Venue: Coffee classroom on Floor 3 of Gubei Civic Center

Content: The filberts usually found on the Christmas Tree are not only decorative but fragrant. At this coffee class, people will have the opportunity of making themselves a fancy coffee decorated by filberts, warming up the cold winter in the company of desserts.

Organizer: Shanghai Xixiang Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Arranged for: Gubei Community residents

Quota of participants: 16

Traditional Charm of China

Kunqu Opera Carnival for Children

Time: At 1:30 pm on December 17 (Saturday)

Venue: Kunqu Opera Room on Floor 2 of Gubei Civic Center

Content: A series of interesting Kunqu Opera experiencing activities, staging a real carnival for participating families, will lead children into the profundity of the cultural treasure of China.

Organizer: Kunqu Opera and Peking Opera Club

Arranged for: Families in community with children over 7

Keynote speaker: Liu Fujun (Performer in Gubei Minxing Art Troupe and lecturer of Kunqu Opera)

Happy Growing

“Dream Christmas” Creative Stocking Making

Time: 10 am on December 18 (Sunday)

Venue: Traditional culture classroom on Floor 3 of Gubei Civic Center

Content: People decorate the Christmas Tree for every Christmas, prepare gifts for friends and their loved ones to be put in their stockings on Christmas Eve, and take Christmas dinner with their families and friends beside the Christmas Tree. This year, to welcome the day for happiness, children may make stockings with gifts out of their creativities.

Organizer: SimbArt Kids’ Education Center

Arranged for: Children in community between 6 and 14

Quota of participants: 12

Dubbing Clips of Ant-Man

Time: 6:30 pm on December 16 (Friday)

Venue: Recording studio on Floor 1 of Gubei Civic Center

Content: The fantastic Ant-Man of a cartoon hero is popular with many children. At the recording activity this month, professional recorders from Shanghai Film Dubbing Studio invited little dubbers to enjoy the special Christmas gift.

Organizer: Quality Promotion Class of Shanghai Film Co., Ltd.

Arranged for: Children between three and ten

Charge: free

Quota of participants: 5


Print Collection Exhibition

Duration: From December 5 (Monday) to December 30 (Friday)

Content: The exhibition will show a large number of outstanding original print works, including original woodcut pictures shortly after 1949 and quality print works in modern times. It’s intended to provide people with rudimentary knowledge of prints and the process of making prints, which is an emerging art in China.

Theme Lecture: On Comic Strips

Time: 10 am on December 8, Thursday

Content: Oriented to all people in the community, the lecture shall integrate lecturing with experiencing to introduce all stages of the development of Chinese comic strip, illustrate the versions, formats and categories of comic strip and analyzing the future of this business from the perspective of a collector.

Lecturer: Chen Gangwei (Director of Comic Strip Department of Shanghai Association of Collectors)

Happy Shopping at Gubei

Creative Christmas Market

Time: 2 pm on December 17 (Saturday)

Venue: Square in front of Bon Matin at Golden Street (for sunny day)

      Hall of Gubei Civic Center on Floor 1 (for rainy day)

Content: Festive decorations are usually home-warming, and now there’s an opportunity for you to share such warmth. In the Christmas Fair this December, we invite you to auction idle decorations at home for charity, shop or trade for something you like.

Note: The flea market is a community charity activity open free to Gubei residents and only residents of Hongqiao Community will be admitted. Please sign in and register in advance if you want a booth.

Movie Shows—Christmas-themed

9:30 am on December 2 (Friday): Ho Ho Ho

9:30 am on December 9 (Friday): The 12 Dogs of Christmas

9:30 am on December 16 (Friday): Rare Exports: A Christmas tale

9:30 am on December 23 (Friday): The Perfect Holiday

9:30 am on December 30 (Friday): Love Actually

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