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Changning to Achieve Full Coverage of Household Waste Sorting at Organizations
11/01/2017 Shanghai Morning Post

Unsorted waste will not be recycled. It was learned from Changning District that the district will achieve full coverage of mandatory sorting for household waste at the organizations before the end of the year. Starting on October 1, 72 business buildings in Linkong Economic Park will enter the stage of “no sorting, no recycling” of the waste as the first pilot units.


Linkong Economic Park will implement the pilot program starting in October.


As with the residential areas, the household waste at the organizations can also be sorted into four categories: dry garbage, wet garbage, recyclable waste and hazardous waste. Compared with the residential areas, the wet garbage is in a small amount at the organizations, where the sorting is easier than the residential areas.


As a cluster of business buildings and enterprises as well as the white-collar workers in Changning District, the Hongqiao Linkong Economic Park has a good foundation for advancing the program. Therefore, starting on October 1, the first batch of 72 buildings in the park will officially enter the stage of “no sorting, no collecting”, “Then the waste transportation unit will check the sorting before the transportation and then transport the waste in different categories,” said an official of Changning District Landscaping and City Appearance Administration.


The units failing to meet the sorting standards will be urged to improve in the principle of “sending improvement notice for first-time violations (with collection and transportation service provided), sending another improvement notice for second-time violations (with collection and transportation service provided after improvement), and refusing to collect and transport the waste for third-time failure in sorting”. The city management authority shall impose the corresponding penalties on the units refusing to perform the waste sorting in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Shanghai Measures for Advancing Classification and Reduction of Household Waste (Shanghai Municipal People's Government Decree No. 14 Document).


Full district coverage will be achieved at the end of the year.


It has been a consensus that waste sorting is conducive to improving the living environment. Shanghai has been promoting waste classification for many years, but the effect is yet to be fully shown. In order to achieve the mandatory classification of household waste, Changning District administration of landscaping and city appearance collected the “Changning District Basic Information Form for Mandatory Classification of Household Waste at Organizations” from more than 370 units in the district, and carried out statistics and analysis of the generation of all the household waste at three kinds of units.


These days, the 72 pilot buildings in Linkong Economic Park are busy setting the garbage sorting containers, and the waste sorting will be mainly in the charge of the property companies, who are carrying out training and studying repeatedly. At the same time, some companies are also promoting the waste sorting to the staff, hoping the employees could form the sorting habit in the source, so as to support the collection and transportation of the sorted waste.


In the future, Changning will continue to expand the implementation on the basis of the 72 buildings, in a bid to achieve full coverage of all the units in Linkong Economic Park. In addition, on the basis of the experience in the pilot program in the park, the district will timely make summary and improvement, and fully implement the mandatory classification of household waste at the organizations in the whole district by the end of this year.


"Changning will be built into an international quality district, and the index system makes it clear that by 2021, the coverage of waste sorting shall reach 60%, with the classified transportation rate attaining 100%," said the official, adding that only by mandatory classification can reducing the waste and increasing the resources be achieved, with the living conditions improved.

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