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Old Residential Area Transformed Gently, Carefully
11/22/2017 Shanghai Morning Post

As the large-scale renovation at the old residential areas tends to affect their foundation, the transformation should be particularly "gentle and careful." As for how to bring accessible “micro happiness” to the residents with small and beautiful transformation through the “micro updating” program, the Shuixia Residential Quarter at Xianxia Sub-district, Changning District, has given their answer recently. With the projects such as Songlin Chess and Cards Garden, Waterfront Fitness Garden, Sunlight Lawn Garden, the Community Public Corner, the fitness footpaths and the Community Health Service Station completed successively, Shuixia Community has become “old but elegant and charming”.

It is learnt that the micro updating program at Shuixia Community was carried out in two phases, with the first phase completed in the second half of last year. In accordance with the requirements of the district and sub-district officials that “The micro updating at Shuixia Community should, through the transformation of the public places, integrate the community residents’ demands for science, education, culture and health and reach the goals of improving the residents’ sense of gain and satisfaction for the community environment and gradually creating a quality community,” the second phase of the program saw the designs and plans enriched and improved in the four projects of Sunlight Lawn Garden, the Community Public Corner, the fitness footpaths and the Community Health Service Station, and after three months of construction, the projects have been completed and entered the stage of final acceptance.

Covering various areas such as science, education, culture, health and fitness, the micro updating program at Shuixia Community has provided the community residents with leisure and entertainment places and platforms for cultural showcasing, with the completion of the community health service station bringing more convenience to the residents. “There are quite a few artistic and fitness groups in the community such as the boxing gymnastic team who used to organize activities in limited space. The micro updating program has expanded the space for artistic and fitness activities to provide more flexibility,” said Cao Hui, Party chief of Shuixia Community. During the program, Cao used to learn about the residents’ opinions, and one resident said, “The government has sent the sunlight to out community!” Cao was deeply touched, hence the name of “Sunlight Lawn Garden”. The micro updating program has brought the sunlight to the residents and the goal of livable community is gradually coming true.

It is also learnt that in 2017 all the 61 projects in 13 categories of the “House Door Program” at Xianxia Sub-district have been completed, and the projects such as the installation of fences of green belts, benches, laundry racks and canopies at the building entrances and renovation of letter boxes have benefited 39 natural communities at 20 neighborhood committees. 

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