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Changing Expands Channels for Clustering High-end Talents
11/22/2017 Changning Times

Recently, Changning District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Shanghai Foreign Service (Group) Co., Ltd. (FSG) signed a framework agreement on strategic cooperation in human resources.

After the signing of the agreement, the two sides will carry out comprehensive integration and coordination in brands, resources, capacity and other fields and conduct in-depth cooperation in human resources services. The professional and international personnel service platforms of FSG will provide the enterprises and talents in the district with high quality services in human resources. In addition, aiming at the forefront of the world, the district will introduce and cultivate a group of world-class experts and scholars and high-level innovation teams, and further gather high-level overseas talents, so as to provide strong support in human resources and intelligence for the construction of an international quality district.

The cooperation between the two sides will focus on the five aspects of jointly building a talent pool, introducing high-level talents, sharing the personnel information, training and improving the capabilities of the human resources and supporting with policies. Both sides will jointly carry out researches in introduction, exchanges and development of and service for the international talents and other fields, introduce well-known experts from home and abroad to set up think tanks, organize the human resources forums with influence nationwide and even worldwide and publish professional reports on human capital research.

At the same time, in response to the shortage of qualified personnel in the three key industries in the district, the solutions will be provided for attracting, developing and supporting the international talents. In addition, FSG will support the district human resources and social security bureau in innovating in the development of the public service platforms of human resources, so as to achieve the full linkage of the value, processes and data between the public service and market service for human resources through the cooperation of the two sides.


It is learnt that in recent years Changning District has vigorously implemented the development strategy of talents first, and the strategic cooperation with FSG is an important part of Changning District’s efforts in building an active, open and effective system of human resources policies, as well as a significant initiative of the government in exploring the professional services for human resources. In the future, focusing on the development goal of “increasingly rational structure of talents, highlighted effect of conglomeration of high-level talents, improved internationalization of human resources, unleashed vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship and competitive environment for talents development”, Changning District will optimize the environment for talents development, innovate in modes of personnel service, and energetically advance the construction of the cluster of talents in scientific and technological innovation with the wisdom of recognizing talents, sincerity for prioritizing talents, courage for using talents, generosity for promoting talents and effective measures for clustering talents.

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