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“Wisdom & Life” Spreads Warmth Overseas
11/07/2017 changningtimes

Not long ago, a warm scene took place in New Changning Wisdom and Life Experience Center. A German man and his Chinese wife made a special trip back from Germanyto thank the employees at the “Wisdom and Life” for bringing warmth to his mother-in-law. The German young man said that recently they found great changes in the old lady’s sentiment with the mental state also improved, which made them touched very much far away from abroad.


The German guy’s mother-in-law is named Zhu Yunzhu, who lives at Lane 382, Shuicheng Road.  When her daughter got married, she moved to German and seldom came back home.Zhu had to take care of herself in daily life and became an empty nester living on her own. Zhu often walked near the community at leisure. Passing the New Changning Wisdom and Life Experience Center several times almost every day, Zhu was noticed by Zhu Huijuan, a manager at the center, because of Zhu’s expression with a heavy heart and her solitary figure. Three months ago, Zhu Huijuan saw Zhu in front of the center for the first time and greeted her. But the old lady just quietly looked at Zhu Huijuan, and then turned away without saying a word. A few days later, Zhu Huijuan again noticed Zhu walking slowly in front of the center on her own, and invited her to rest and enjoy the cool at the center. But the old lady still left after saying thanks. When seeing the old lady for the third time, Zhu Huijuan came forward to help carry her belongings and chatted with her about daily life. Since then they have become more and more familiar.


After further acquaintance, Zhu Huijuan learnt that Zhu was an empty nester living in a nearby community, and felt that actually the old lady wanted company. Therefore, since then, Zhu Huijuan has timely informed Zhu of all the activities organized by the center and invited her to enjoy the activities. After participating in the activities, Zhu has changed to an old lady who is willing to accept and get along with others rather than a solitary and silent senior citizen.


After hearing her mother’s stories and feeling the changes in her mother’s sentiment and mental state, the daughter living in Germanytold her husband about it. Her husband was also moved much. Then they decided to fly back to China to  particularlythank Zhu Huijuan and all the staff at the Party  members’ liaison station of Wisdom and Life for their care of the old lady. Zhu’s daughter said, “We thank New Changning Wisdom and Life Experience Center, a service platform for the people, which makes us more relieved as the overseas Chinese living abroad far away from our parents.”


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