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First Paperless Export Tax Rebate Completed in Changning

Recently the Shanghai Tax Electronic Rebate, Change and Exemption System has been officially launched. As one of the first pilot units, Changning Tax Sub-bureau made out the city’s first “Tax Receipts Electronic Refund Letter (for Export Tax Rebate)” and sent it to the national treasury on the morning of the same day. The result was returned two days after the examination of the national treasury, the Financial and Tax Third-phase System automatically completed the cancellation of the submission number and the two sides found no difference in account checking. The successful launch of the business marked the start of the paperless era for the export tax rebate in the city, which will greatly improve the work efficiency at the tax bureau and the national treasury authority. Going forward, the sub-bureau will continue to support the municipal bureau in advancing the paperless businesses in refunding the falsely or excessively paid taxes and rebate, correction and adjustment in final settlement, eliminate the barriers between the Financial and Tax Third-phase System and the National Treasury Audit System, and really achieve the seamless linkage of all the businesses in the tax, treasury and banking departments.

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