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New Self-service Ticket Machines Put into Use at Shanghai Zoo

It was learned from the Shanghai Zoo that last year the zoo introduced three self-service ticket machines, but because of the instability in the operation of the machines, the visitors found some inconvenience in buying the tickets. Therefore, the zoo replaced the machines and the 3 new self-service ticket machines have officially come into use after a period of debugging.

With the extra large touch screens, the new machines feature the voice guide in vending the tickets, making the operation smoother and more convenient; with the Quick Pass service of the UnionPay, the new machines were quicker in selling tickets by saving the waiting time for inputting the passwords; the high-definition camera on each machine ensures the safety of buying tickets for the visitors; the function of reminder of ticket shortage set in the system ensures the internal management of the zoo and the visitors’ purchasing of tickets in a normal way.

It is learned that in order to cope with the large passenger flows more effectively, Shanghai Zoo will gradually replace other related machines at the self-service ticketing hall to better serve tourists.

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