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College Student Volunteers Popularize Laws at Streets
12/22/2017 Shanghai Law Journal

“Not leaving property to children is the right of senior people while supporting parents is the obligation of children…” Old Uncle Wu felt relieved when hearing the legal explanation of a college student volunteer.

Last Saturday, the Legal Publicity Office of Shanghai Education and Health System, together with the Legal Publicity Office of Changning District and other units, organized an activity on Constitution publicity and legal consultation and assistance at the gate of Zhongshan Park.

The law-publicity volunteers from East China University of Political Science and Law and other universities, legal experts, and the legal staffs of the Law Publicity Office of Shanghai Education and Health System and Changning District Judicial Bureau have offered legal consultation on real estate, labor, marriage and other hot issues, which have gained widespread popularity among citizens.

This activity was also an important part of the 29th Shanghai Constitution Publicity Week of 2017.

During the series activities of “Constitution Publicity Week”, relevant colleges (including law schools and departments) and Shanghai’s college student volunteers have carried out various activities in schools, business areas and communities, such as lectures and competitions on Constitution and laws in schools, special forum and salon on rule of law, and organizing students to sit on at court hearing and watch movies and dramas on laws…

During the “Constitution Publicity Week”, 7 universities have joined in, including Fudan University, East China Normal University, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai Normal University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Over 400 teachers and students have taken part in voluntary activities, more than 1,000 persons have received consultancy service, and the publicity work has covered over 10,000 people.

These activities have increased the rule-of-law publicity and education level of relevant universities, enhanced the legal concept of citizens nearby, boosted the width and depth of law-publicity education, made an in-depth publicity on the new judgment and deployment of comprehensively implementing the rule of law put forward at the 19th CPC National Congress, and made positive contributions to the construction of a harmonious society ruled by law.

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