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Reminding about Visa Expiration Date
03/01/2017 changningtimes

With Chinese universities usher in the winter vacation successively, international students in Shanghai choose to return home these days. However, several cases of visa and residence permit expiry of international students were lately found at Hongqiao Frontier Inspection Station.

The police of the Station reminded international students to return home to heed the duration of stay, the expiration date and the effective times for visa validity. Frequent problems include: the actual length of stay for the recent entry goes beyond the duration of stay specified in the visa; the date of the recent entry goes beyond the expiration date specified in the residence permit; based on the expiry date and effective times specified in the visa, re-entry into China is probably problematic. It should be specially noted that the 30 days or 60 days specified in the visa refer to the natural day, which should not be understood as one month or two months. Since January and December both have 31 days, stay during the two months can probably cover the expiry date.

Hongqiao Frontier Inspection Station reminded all international students to instantly have relevant procedures undergone at local public security organs in case of any of the situations abovementioned.

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