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First Foreigner’s Work Permit Issued in Changning
03/09/2017 changningtimes

Changning Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs issued Foreigner’s Work Permits to Hwang Tae In, Kim Jae Cheol and Oh Eung Seok, three Korean pilots from Yangtze River Airlines Company Limited. They’re the first certificates issued by Changning as a pilot district for combining two certificates, namely, Foreign Expert Certificate and Foreigner’s Employment License, into one. Provided with the fast and convenient issuance of the work permits, the three pilots were the first overseas professional technical personnel admitted to Changning since the launch of the new certificate policy.


Reports say that Shanghai started to promote “two certificates combined into one” in November 2016, namely, combining the former Foreign Expert Certificate and Foreigner’s Employment License (referred to as “the former certificates” below) into one certificate, the Foreigner’s Work Permit. As a pilot area of “two certificates combined into one”, Changning started to issue Foreigner’s Work Permit in December 1st, 2016 and conduct classified management of high-level, medium-level and low-level foreigners working in China based on the qualifications of the applicants. Changning Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs gave rounds of policy training to acquaint enterprises with policies of the new certificate and procedures for its issuance, and took the measure of issuing new and old certificates at the same time so that enterprises could gradually adapt. High-level foreign talents were allowed online application, streamlined material submission, simplified procedures and reduced time for issuance, thus saving the cost of enterprises. By February 14, 2017, the window for Foreigners Working in China had provided advice to employers for 303 times, accepted employers’ application for registration for 209 times, and received 152 foreigners applying for working in China.

To achieve the goal of “establishing a gathering area of sci-tech innovative talents with outstanding trading functions and features of modern service industry” proposed in the 13th Five-year Plan of Changning, the district is endeavoring to make Hongqiao Special Talent Zone to attract high-level talents for innovation and entrepreneurs. The focus of talent service in Changning has turned from management of domestic high-level talents abroad to introduction of high-level foreigners into China, with “green channel” opened for high-level foreigners to work in China. In March last year, Hongqiao One-stop Foreigner Service Center was established in Changning with the special service window for foreign talents opened to combine four certificates into one concerning both working and living of foreign talents. The issuance of the recent Foreigner’s Work Permits in Changning symbolized a solid step toward high-level talent service in the district.

Changning promises to improve its platform of foreign talents service and expand service functions. At the ceremony of certificate issuance, Qiu Fang, Head of Changning Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, said they would further integrate resources for better functions, focus on key industries like aviation services, Internet Plus Consumer Services and fashion and creativity industry, promote function building at Hongqiao One-stop Foreigner Service Center and strive for implementation of municipal talent policy in Changning. Ma Sucheng, Director of Changning Talent Service Center revealed that they planned to set up a database of foreign talents to strengthen service for and management of high-level foreign talents and attract more foreign talents to work in Changning to further internationalize the district.

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