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First Art Gallery in Mall in Shanghai

Shanghai Art Collection Museum Takashimaya Art Space was lately opened as the first art gallery co-launched by a public museum and a commercial institution. The opening exhibition provided “Wares Refined—the Beauty of Chinese and Japanese Ceramic Art”, and invited cultural celebrities and artists to join in Chinese and Japanese Art Collection Symposium. As a new try of cooperation between cultural and commercial institutions, the art space had drawn wide attention during its preparation.

It’s said that Changning District has been active in cultural development, reform and innovation these years, trying to find out new ways and new models of integrating cultural and economic growth and building up artistic business areas, all aimed at developing culture and business hand in hand. The art space lately launched by the cooperation between Shanghai Art Collection Museum and Takashimaya Shanghai was the first art gallery involving the efforts of a public museum and a commercial institution in Shanghai, as well as another try of the integration between culture and business in Changning.

Since its founding, Shanghai Art Collection Museum has established the signature “Chinese, Japanese and Korean Art Invitation Exhibition” and cooperated with a lot of Chinese and foreign artists, while Takashimaya has more than 20 professional galleries around the world, which enjoy worldwide reputation with diverse and high-level exhibitions, thus it’s honored as “No. 1 Department Store for Art”. The recent new alliance is sure to provide systemic and professional services for art lovers in art purchase, collection and appreciation.


“Wares Refined—the Beauty of Chinese and Japanese Ceramic Art” given for the gallery opening exhibited and sold top works of Chinese and Japanese ceramic art and included hundreds of works and daily utensils by major Chinese and Japanese artists and mills. The exhibition will last till April 16.

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