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Absolutely No Breakpoint in Linkong Slow Traffic System
05/22/2017 changningtimes

Changning District planned a slow traffic system measuring 26.96 kilometers long in Linkong Area, making Hongqiao Airport a “sky city” where people can roam around, the outer ring greenway another good choice for running, all the municipal roads in Linkong Business Park cyclable and all the flood-control passageways in the riverside belt for slow traffic. According to the scheme, the slow traffic system will run through viaducts, riverways and culverts, having absolutely no breakpoint.


“Slow traffic index” is becoming an index for judging the quality of a district. According to the overall plan of urban renewal issued by Changning District yesterday, a slow traffic system will be built up on the outer ring, in Linkong area and along Suzhou River. So far an overall design scheme has been put down, which shows a long and narrow network including the four parts of greenbelt relaxation system, riverside relaxation system, urban leisure system and sky city and one system of slow traffic supporting services for rest and sign system. The district administration of sport said the slow traffic roads newly built or rebuilt measure 26.96 kilometers in total, and extension is possible with the development of the eastern area of Hongqiao Airport.


The greenbelt slow traffic roads are based on the greenbelt located at around 100 meters on the west side of the outer-ring expressway, starting from Wusong River in the north and reaching the green land on the north side of Hongqiao Road, measuring around 6.25 kilometers in total. Li Weina, Deputy Head of the district greening and city appearance administration, said that the outer ring forest belt is a “greenway”, which shall turn from a “dense forest visible yet unattainable” into “a land for relaxation that everyone can reach and enjoy” through landscape upgrade.


Since the outer ring forest belt runs through the outer ring road, the viaduct and some riverway, the obstruction at any point may become a “breakpoint” on the slow traffic roads. However, the planning of the forest belt considers the use of municipal roads and includes the building of Beidi Road flyover, West Tianshan Road tunnel, five bridges and four culverts to ensure smooth traffic of the roads. Li also revealed, “As both the outer ring road and a viaduct crosses Beidi Road Section, relevant departments are evaluating the design and construction plan to see if it’s possible to build up a flyover between the outer ring road and the viaduct, which is only opened to pedestrians and bicycles.”


The riverside slow traffic road consists of flood-control passages along Wusong River, running through No. 1 music park, No. 2 nursery park and 50-meter forest belt skateboard park along Suzhou River, measuring 1.7 kilometers in total; the urban leisure slow traffic road is based on current municipal roads, measuring 19 kilometers in length. Changning District shall adapt extant streets to people’s need of slow traffic; sky city slow traffic road is an air corridor under planning, which shall show up on the completion of the eastern area of Hongqiao Airport. The plan has it that densely spread air corridors among airport buildings will serve for urban relaxations, and people will feel like walking in the sky when the road is integrated into urban slow traffic system.


The system of slow traffic supporting services includes functional points like parking point, information booth, dining point, medical care point, retail booth, pedestrian’s rest point, bicycle’s service point, public bike, public toilet, security point and fire point, as well as relevant signs.

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