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Xianxia Road Underpass Now in Use
05/23/2017 Youth Daily

It’s reported yesterday that Xianxia Road (from L’Avenue to Friendship Shopping Center) Underpass in Hongqiao Business Area has been officially opened, while Ziyun Road (from The Place to Tianshan Plaza) and Zunyi Road (from Tianshan Plaza to Hongqiao Tiandu) are having two underpasses under construction, both to see interior decoration completed this June.


The underpass of Ziyun Road (from The Place to L’Avenue) is having its construction scheme and traffic organization plan upgrading. With the completion of all the four new passages, underground interconnections will be fulfilled among 10 major commercial entities, such as Mr. U, Hui Jin Department Store Tianshan Branch, The Place and L’Avenue.


As a municipal commercial center, Hongqiao Business Area has the key section at the part made of two north-south roads (Loushanguan Road and Zunyi Road) and two east-west roads (Tianshan Road and Xianxia Road), having five functional modules, namely, “Zunyi Road High-end Business Zone”, “Hongqiao Development Exhibition and Trade Business Zone”, “Tianshan Road and Loushanguan Road Commercial, Cultural and Recreational Zone”, “Gubei Road and Xianxia Road International Trade Consultation, Research and Training Zone” and “Gubei International Commercial and Residential Zone”.


Through development and construction of building underpass and cross-street underpass, the area can be made into a commercial area of high compactness and concentration.


The Xianxia Road Underpass lately opened is located between LG1 of L’Avenue and B1 of Friendship Shopping Center, and the whole passage decorated with the theme of “winter” runs under Xianxia Road, measuring 43 meters in length and 6.9 meters in width, with a minimum clear height of 2.6 meters. No catering or other commercial facilities will be taken into the underground pedestrian path, as it’s purely for traffic function.


It’s also learned that Zunyi Road and Xianxia Road pedestrian underpasses apply the pipe-jacking technology with little effect on ground transportation, but the construction is quite difficult. And the two pedestrian underpasses of Ziyun Road use the way of full excavation, with little difficulty for construction, but it’ll be necessary to block the road so that road traffic will be affected.

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