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Int’l Community Council Works Well in Shanghai

Wang Xuanrong from thePhilippinesis a foreign member of the Community Council of Shanghai Ronghua Neighborhood. Living inChinafor more than 3 decades, she’s been devoted to promoting civilities in international communities of Shanghai.


Wang said her parents are both Philippine-Chinese and she started to learn Chinese at five. That’s why it’s much easier for her to handle her routine jobs than for other foreign residents without a good mastery of Chinese.


As a well-known int’l community in Shanghai, Ronghua Neighborhood has attracted about 33,000 people from more than 50 countries and regions around the globe, among which foreign residents take up 57%. Thus, typical Chinese way of community work can hardly work in such an int’l community, which brought about the internationalized Community Council consisting of both Chinese and foreign residents.


There’re six foreign members like Wang Xuanrong in the Community Council, respectively fromAustralia, thePhilippines,JapanandSpain. They’re all very active in community activities and enjoy great reputation. People would usually turn to them for help.


As a full-time mother, Wang Xuanrong is not only a council member but a part-time Chinese teacher in the community. She also loves to share her experiences of living in Shanghai, like the mobile payment and bike sharing that impressed her deeply. “We don’t have to bring cashes with us for grocery shopping now, and it’s so convenient to take a bike for my shopping.”


Ricardo fromSpainis another member of the Community Council, who is in charge of collecting residents’ opinions and suggestions and reflects them to the Council for discussion.


Ricardo, fluent in both English and Chinese, proudly said that he’s usually the first choice for his neighbors when they have disputes to settle.


Living in Shanghai for 20 years, Ricardo is now able to talk about TV plays in fluent Chinese, though he used to know nothing of the language. Witnessing changes of the city, he came to love it more and more and said he’s also a Shanghainese.


Since its founding in 2014, the Community Council has become an eye-catching symbol of internationalization of Ronghua Neighborhood. The borderless community service managed to get Chinese and foreign residents closer and closer.


Wang Ailian, the initiator of the Council over 60 years old, has now been accustomed to greet her foreign neighbors in typical Western style.


She has her own understanding of these international council members, “Chinese and Western residents can be complementary in the community. Foreign residents are fascinated by Chinese culture, while Chinese residents can learn a lot from their foreign neighbors in environmental protection, like garbage classification.”

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