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Traditional Art Feast for Over 200 Indian Blood Donators

The Indian movie Dangal lately achieved great success in China, winning both high public praise and great box office. Chinese people managed to enjoy the charm of Indian culture and get a better understanding of the Indian spirit, which was shown in another way at Shanghai Blood Center.


Over 200 Indian people living in Chinalately visited Shanghai Blood Center led by Mr. Prakash Gupta, Consulate General of India in Shanghai.


“I’m always happy to donate blood here.”


Blood donation is deemed to be noble in Indiaas the blood donated will save others’ lives, making it the most precious gift. Mr. Cazale from New Delhi has lived in Shanghai for more than 10 years and used to donate blood in the city for many times. Over 50 years old, he keeps the habit of exercising in order to donate blood.


He said, “The Indian is used to sharing gifts with neighbors, thinking it’s a way of mingling, so they’re very willing to help others by donating blood, whether in India or Shanghai.”


Mr. Collodi is engaged in trades in Shanghai. He believed, “Shanghai Blood Center features very professional techniques and good services. I’m always happy to donate blood here. And most of my friends would like to engage their children in the activity, too. They hope their blood donation can inspire their kids to learn to share and act nobly.”


According to statistics of Shanghai Blood Center, there’re 460,000 foreigners living in Shanghai today, including more than 5,000 from India. Encouraging foreigners to donate blood has been a key part in the publicities for blood donation in Shanghai, as it can help meet foreigners’ needs for blood.


Indian people donate blood for 528 times altogether last year


The visit marked the unveiling of the Fifth Blood Donation Activity of Indians in Shanghai, organized by Hindu Association, Shanghai Blood Center, Shanghai Hongkou District Blood Administration Office, Shanghai People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Shanghai Foreign Agency Service Department and Shanghai Changning Cultural and Artistic Center. With the approaching of World Blood Donor Day on June 14, the activity was intended to boost the friendship between Chinaand Indiato raise the influence of the selfless move to save lives.


Developing since it’s launched in 2013, the activity has attracted more and more Indian people every year, spreading from Shanghai to neighboring Nantong, Suzhou and Zhenjiang. By the end of 2016, up to 367 Indian people have donated blood for 528 times altogether, making the activity one with the largest number of foreigners from one country that donate blood in Shanghai.


Director Lu Taohong from Shanghai Blood Center said they always want to make foreign blood donors feel at home in China, so they would try their best to create an environment of Chinese culture in when giving blood donation activities for foreigners.


The recent activity for the Indian donors coincided with traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, during which Shanghai Blood Center cooperated with Shanghai Changing Cultural and Artistic Center to invite Chinese folk culture artists to make zongzi, sachets, grass woven products, facial makeups and plank New Year pictures, creating a festive air for Indian people to closely experience traditional Chinese culture.

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