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Notice on Online Appointment of Administrative Licensing Matters
06/29/2017 changningtimes

In order to save enterprises the time of waiting and enhance the efficiency of administrative service, Changning will launch online appointment for handling administrative licensing matters at Changning Market Supervision Administration starting from July 1, 2017. Specifics go as follows:


I. Content of online appointment system: 1. Online appointment system covers all the matters for licensing by Changning Market Supervision Administration, such as, prior approval of application for name, establishment, alteration and cancellation of enterprise business license, and establishment, alteration and cancellation of food business license. 2. Appointment number obtained through online appointment shall precede the number of onsite queuing.


II. The website for appointment: Online government affairs portal of Changning District at


III. Notes: 1. Please make an appointment one day in advance. Appointment on the planned day of business handling shall be rejected. 2. When an appointment needs to be cancelled, it shall be done 12 hours in advance of the appointed time via the online appointment platform. 3. Those who fail to keep the appointment and cancel it in advance repeatedly shall be denied the right of using the appointment system. 4. With any question or suggestion in using the appointment system, please call 021-22050155.


Changning District Market Supervision Administration


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