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Philippine-Chinese Teenagers Experience Shanghai Folk Culture
06/06/2017 changningtimes

Lately, a group of Philippine-Chinese teenagers visited Beixinjing Sub-district for the fun of traditional Chinese art. At 09:30, seven students visited Changning Folk Culture Center Square for the show of dragon dance and lion dance, for which they presented heartfelt applause. Playing diabolo is another recreational activity, which these children loved to try. One of them said it’s like playing yoyo with two hands, just it’s even harder. Then they went to the showroom of Intangible Cultural Heritages at the Folk Culture Center, where the students fully enjoyed the large touch screen, the true-to-life model of wooden ox, the traditional stringed and woodwind instruments and music playing on demand. Also, miniature scene of folk dance and illustrated texts vividly reproduced intangible cultural heritages to the students. As a tradition for the beginning of summer, the handicraft teacher taught the students how to make an egg bag. The students learned earnestly and weaved with great care, and later the teacher presented pre-prepared egg bags to them. For the part of egg painting, the students exerted their imaginations about images and colors and put their works into the egg bag. Coming to the end of the day, they watched the Chinese shadow puppetry Wu Song Fighting the Tiger, a traditional play staged by Qingmengyuan Shadow Puppetry Troupe at the center. They’re so amazed by the presentation of a play through light and shadow. It may be the first time for these Chinese students to have such experiences, but it’s not hard to imagine that some children have started to take interest in traditional Chinaculture. Teachers of the students extended thanks to Changning Folk Culture Center, which promised to make sustaining contributions to enriching teenagers’ cultural life.


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