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Taiwan Young Designers’ Practice Base Set up in Changning
07/10/2017 changningtimes

Taiwan Young Designers’ Practice Base was lately set up in ShanghaiMart. Present at the inauguration were municipal and district leaders including Shi Xiaolin, Li Wenhui, Wang Weiren, Li Wei and Chen Zhiqi.


Concentrated on cultural and creative industries, MAKE021 co-founded Taiwan Young Designers’ Practice Base with Taiwan Recom Education to enhance Taiwanyoung designers’ exchanges with their mainland counterparts. So far MAKE021 has established partnership with more than 3,000 designers from faculties of culture and art and culture and creativity associations in Taiwan universities, like Shih Chien University, and from 104 Headhunters, and the base is expected to serve designers across the Straits by three modules, namely, business incubation, ability training and commercial cooperation.

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