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Summer Beauties in Shanghai Zoo
08/02/2017 changningtimes

The summer vacation is always the happiest time for students, and now they’ll get more happiness at Shanghai Zoo. Baby Brazilian tapirs and baby giraffes are now formally on show, and the ant bear, after more than 2 decades, became public again. There’re still many other newborns, creating an adorable animal world.


Ant bears on show again


A couple of ant bears settled down in Shanghai Zoo this July after their quarantine period expires. It’s the second time that ant bears were shown in the zoo after more than 20 years.


Considering the physiological characters of the animal, Shanghai Zoo built up a new home for the ant bears, imitating a wild ant colony. However, there’re no sufficient ants to feed them in the zoo, so their feeders would usually mix banana, apple, kiwi fruit, egg, milk, yoghurt, cat food and microelements into thick liquid, sprinkled with dried ants on the surface, as daily feeds for ant bears. And considering that ant bears love to swim in the wild, the zoo installed a private pool for them. It’s not hard to feel the ant bears’ comfort in the new home from their easy stretching in the pool.


Male newborn in Brazilian tapirs area


Brazilian tapir is the largest wild land animal in South America, and what amazed visitors about it are its nose and mouth. Its nose, together with its upper lip, has grown into a thick and soft cylinder, used to take grasses and leaves into their mouth. Though grown Brazilian tapir looks weird and like a pig, the baby tapir is very adorable, having a big head and stripes around it, very different from its parents.


As the mother is called “Huahua” and the father “Duoduo”, the baby tapir was named “Huaduo”, taking one Chinese character from each of the parents’ names and meaning “flower” in Chinese. At about 6 am, Huaduo took the colostrums and sucking for more than 20 minutes. Its mother Huahua was quite alert to strangers and would never let Huaduo out of its sight; Huahua would even hide the baby when sleeping at night. And after feeding Huaduo, Huahua would also lick the baby clean and accompany it quietly.


When the sun shines, Huaduo will get a sunbath with its mother and see the world outside. Now Huaduo has been accustomed to the environment and would be the first to come out for play every day.

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