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Students to Experience Foreign Customs with Home Stay
08/24/2017 Youth Daily

In the summer, among the many outbound study tour groups and summer camps designed for children, there are quite a few students that neglect the study programs or just skim the surface. Next month, Changning will officially start this year’s “China-French Polynesia High School Students Education Program”, in which led by three teachers a total of 13 high school students will learn painting, dancing and other skills and experience the local customs in the boarding houses in Papeete City, French Polynesia. It is worth mentioning that the students have been familiar with the children in the host families, who visited Changning in March, and the children of the two countries have been friends with each other. The exchange of visits is also one of the modes for Changning to explore the education internationalization.


In August, Hu Qifan from the High School Affiliated to East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) will follow the team to study in Papeete for nearly two weeks. She has chatted a lot online with Lisa who will receive her. Hu and Lisa are old friends, as in March this year, 21 teachers and students from Papeete visited Changning and Lisa lived in Hu’s family. As it was the first time that Hu had received a foreign guest and she worried about her spoken language, she wrote down the topics in paper. But Lisa, who has ethnic Chinese origin, said “Nihao (Hello)!” in Chinese when they met, which immediately brought the two girls closer.


During the visits, usually Lisa followed the exchange team to visit schools, learn folk dances, paint Peking Opera faces and make wonton and dumplings. In the evening and on weekends, Hu showed Lisa around Shanghai, and they toured the Bund, the City God Temple, the shopping malls and other places, with their friendship deepened. “The other day Lisa asked me online whether I like swimming and what is my favorite food, saying that she will make the arrangements when I arrive in August,” said Hu, looking forward to the unique outbound travel.  


Liu Lingyu from Loushan High School has had the experience as she was one of the exchange students last year. She learned the local dances and took the flower braiding and painting classes, and a painting created by her to depict the friendship between the two countries was displayed by the teachers in the school office. The father in the host family was warmhearted and arranged a little sea plane for her to admire the amazing views. “In addition to the improvement in French and English, I actually learned about the local customs and life instead of a quick look at the beautiful scenery,” said Liu.


According to the Changning District Foreign Affairs Office, it is the third year for the “China-French Polynesia High School Students Education Program”. In March and April every year, the high school students from Papeete City visit Changning, and carry out Chinese learning and cultural experience at the partners the High School Affiliated to ECUPL, Xianxia Senior High School and Loushan High School, and during the summer vacation, the three schools select teachers and students to visit Papeete City.


According to Changning District Education Bureau, Changning boasts a number of international neighborhoods and multiple modes of exploring and improving the education internationalization. As there are limitations for the target students of the international schools and the international classes at some quality schools are also in controversy, the practices have proved that exchange visit is an encouraging international education model. “As the three schools we selected in the district have no paired foreign schools, the program provides the students at the schools with an opportunity to broaden their horizons in the international exchanges.”


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