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Changning Sets Indicators for Well-developed Int’l District
09/01/2017 changningtimes


Thank you so much for all the love you all gave me and my family each time we came there. The whole family of sunshine is very dear to my heart and I will miss you all lots.”


Reading the message from a French lady Priya on the morning of June 16, teachers of Sunshine Home in Beixinjing Sub-district couldn’t help shedding tears. It’s her farewell to the big family before her departure.


The day before, Priya went to a classroom of Sunshine Home as usual, giving a handwork lesson to Sunshine trainees with some other French ladies. The classroom was immersed in laughter and happiness.


But then someone said, “This is the last time Priya serves here. She’s going to another country with her husband.” The happiness instantly froze. Some trainees started to weep after a brief silence.


“Is it true, teacher?”


“We love you. We don’t want you to leave.”


“Will you come back to visit us, teacher?”


The trainees started to hug Priya, wiping tears yet holding her hand. The French lady, always graceful, was moved in the atmosphere and couldn’t help shedding tears to hold tight the trainees whom she’d served for nearly 6 years. Other teachers of Sunshine Home were also moved to tears by the scene.


Priya started her service in Beixinjing Sunshine Home in 2012. Her husband is an executive of Michelin and she’s a kindergarten teacher. Following her husband to China, Priya heard of a French wives’ volunteer group in Sunshine Home and was more than willing to become part of it. In the last 5 years, Priya visited Sunshine trainees almost every Thursday, and she had accompanied them to Shanghai Zoo, Changfeng Aquarium and Shanghai Chen Shan Botanical Garden. She also bought a lot of materials to teach them how to make handicrafts, and she offered sunshine trainees birthday parties and gifts; she even made her mother, husband and children to be volunteers in Sunshine Home. Thus Priya has built up a strong connection with these special students. At the 10th anniversary of her wedding, she donated the 6,000 yuan offered by their relatives and friends for celebration to Sunshine Home.


Yuan is a trainee who is more mentally challenged at Sunshine Home. Nearly 30 years old, he’s neither literate nor good at practices. But every time Priya gave a lesson, she would show more patience for Yuan and even taught him hand by hand, again and again. She would not give up any trainee like Yuan who needs more help but spent more time teaching them instead. Seeing the trainees’ progress largely, their parents extended thanks to Sunshine Home for many times. Another trainee Zhang is more than 50 years old, but several years ago, all she could do was to sit in a trance at home. However, with the help of Sunshine Home and the foreign volunteers like Priya, she could shop and go to hospital by herself now, which is a great comfort for her parents. To ensure Sunshine trainees faster progress, every Thursday Priya and other volunteers would spend half an hour discussing the theme and content of the voluntary activity next time after more than 2 hours of voluntary services, and they usually bought materials for handicrafts at their own expense.


Priya never thought of stopping her service, but unexpectedly, her husband needed to be transferred to Romaniaand she could only leave with him. Concerned about her trainees, Priya found another French lady, Nika, to take over her job. Nika’s husband works for Carrefour and she’s so far served at Sunshine Home twice. She also gets along well with Sunshine trainees.


It’s not hard to imagine that the transnational love would go on and on like this…

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