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Hongqiao Shopping District Records Soaring Turnovers in Last 5 Major Festivals
09/25/2017 changningtimes

It was learned from the district office of Hongqiao affairs that since the free parking measure was taken a year ago, significant economic and social benefits have been achieved at Hongqiao shopping district, which ranked first in the sales growth rates for five consecutive major festivals (2016 National Day, 2017 New Year's Day, 2017 Spring Festival, 2017 May Day and 2017 Dragon Boat Festival) among the 14 municipality-level shopping districts in the city,.  


With a total area of more than 400,000 square meters, the Hongqiao shopping district covers a number of large-sized commercial complexes such as L'Avenue, Arch Shanghai, Hongqiao Friendship Shopping Center, Parkson Newcore, Hongqiao Art Center and Huijin Department Store Hongqiao. In July 2016, the district office of Hongqiao affairs proposed that the merchants in the shopping district implement the measure of free parking. Once launched, the initiative has been supported by all the parties concerned, as the businesses have been active in taking action and positive in responding with the free parking measures taken to improve the comprehensive environmental functions of Hongqiao shopping district. Specifically, the above-mentioned 6 businesses joined in the program as the first cooperative units with more than 3,000 shared parking spaces provided. On August 13, 2016, the measure of free parking was officially implemented, and at the same time the program of “5-hour free parking for any consumption on festivals and holidays” was also implemented for a trial, as with any value of consumption in the shopping district, even a bottle of mineral water, the consumers can enjoy the big benefit of free parking.


Later on, the office of Hongqiao affairs launched a parking APP, with which the car owners can have access to the parking information at 18 shopping centers, business buildings and hotels in Hongqiao shopping district.. In addition, individual parking information of car owners can also be added, and for the convenience for the car owners, the payment for some parking fees can be made directly on the mobile phone. The introduction of the parking APP has not only been well received by the citizens but also apparently increased the visitor flows and consumption capacity in the shopping district. According to statistics, the average daily visitor flow has increased from 15,000 to 19,000 to 30,000 to 50,000 person times, or 70,000 at the peak. The average daily turnovers at the shops have also expanded from about RMB2 million to RMB3 to 5.5 million. Specifically, L'Avenue has seen the sales grow sharply, with a record high turnover recorded in last December, and the Friendship Shopping Center has witnessed the turnover doubled.  



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