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Int’l Children’s Creative Art Exhibition Rounded off
09/26/2017 changningtimes


Recently, sponsored by the municipal children’s foundation and the municipal education development foundation, and jointly organized by the district science and technology commission, the district association for science and technology, the district education foundation and Shanghai Art Collection Museum, the awarding ceremony for the second International Children's Innovative Art Exhibition and the opening ceremony for the 2017 popular science day was held at Shanghai Changning Experimental Primary School, marking the successful closing of the exhibition and the grand opening of the activities of the popular science day in Changning.


Exhibition awards present unlimited creativity.


Science and technology and art are twins in innovation. The Second International Children's Creative Art Exhibition perfectly integrated art and science and technology, as more than 500 children’s art works from nearly 20 countries including China, Britain, the United States, Germany, Austriaand Ukrainewere full of innovation and creativity.


At present, more than 200 selected pieces of children's creative works form the dazzling array of exhibits at the exhibition, bringing a colorful visual art feast to the visitors. With the assessment of the expert judges of the organizing committee, the gold, silver and bronze awards, the excellence award and the organization award were selected from the submitted works and organizing institutions, and with the online voting of more than 10,000 visitors, the winners of the “most popular award” in the three age groups were finally generated.


It is learnt that all the award-winning individuals and institutions received the “Under the Same Starry Sky – Collection of the Works at the Second International Children's Creative Art Exhibition” in both Chinese and English presented by the municipal children’s foundation and the municipal education development foundation and the organizing committee of the exhibition.


Art and popular science go side by side.


With the theme of “science and technology and art, source of innovation culture”, the activities of 2017 popular science day in Changning will be highlighted by the colorful art and popular science experience activities such as 3D printing, traditional approach for straw tie-dye, view of micro space and movable-type printing, and feature the further integration of science and technology and art as well as the participation of children from home and abroad. With the science and technology skillfully integrated in the fine art works, the products of scientific and technological innovation that we are familiar with and fond of in our daily life are also full of artistic designing. Mixing the beauty of art and the power of science and technology, the works created by the children on site were really the eye-openers.


It is learnt that during the 2017 Popular Science Day in Changning, the district will organize a series of diverse and colorful popular science activities such as "Exploring Hudec – Popular Science of Architecture”, inheritance and development of the textile and apparel culture, "Entering the Science Hall, Experiencing the Attraction of Innovation". The popular science day in Changning will focus more on building of the international brands of popular science and present in detail the combination of art and science and technology and integration of creativity and innovation.


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