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Changning Sets Indicators for Well-developed Int’l District

At the macro level, at the end of 2021 there should be 59 regional headquarters of multinational companies, at least 60 leading domestic enterprises in different industries, the full coverage of protection for outstanding historical buildings, and so on. At the micro level, the average life expectancy of the registered population should be more than one year longer than the city’s average; there should be more than 30 quality restaurants including Michelin star restaurants and those on the must chart and food chart, and so on. It was learnt from Changning district government that the district has released the indicator system for accelerating the construction of the well-developed international district characterized by innovation, fashion and livability. In the next 5 years all the 52 indicators in the system reflected in all the tasks in the district will be “sensed” by the people, and each indicator will drive a number of projects and specific tasks as well as form the correlation with the work of related government departments.


The core of the indicator system is the requirement for innovation, fashion and livability, with the sub-goals of “an open, smart, lively and livable district”, thus setting up an indicator system including a core concept, 4 sub-goals, 12 key fields and 52 specific indicators. Out of the 52 indicators, 16 highlighted and leading ones have been selected as the symbolic indicators for constructing the well-developed international district. Of the 52 indicators, 17 are related to social undertakings and guarantee of people’s livelihood, 13 to economic development, 8 to urban construction and administration, 6 to ecology and environment and 8 to talent attraction and service.


The indicator system is integrated with the 2040 urban master plan of Shanghai at the upper level and all fields involving people’s livelihood at the lower level. An official of Changning District Development and Reform Commission said, "Changning focuses on refinement and details in the construction of well-developed international district, and attaches importance to the setting of both the indicators at the micro level and the general ones. The guideline for the indicator system is building a highland, mending the loopholes and enhancing the features.” Specifically, building a highland means that we should integrate with the 2040 urban master plan of Shanghai and the advanced district of the international city, and  strives to lead the city with Changning’s development in the future higher than relevant targets for the whole city. For example, the average life expectancy of the registered population should be one year longer than the average level of the city, and the proportion of the main working age population with higher education should be increased from the current 53% to about 60%. Compared with the advanced districts in international cities, a number of indicators reflecting international leading concepts have been set, such as the number of the regional headquarters of multinational companies, and the proportion of green traffic in all transport means.


Mending the loopholes means that we should focus on the people’s feel and sense of gain, set the intensively reported problems as loopholes after listening to the appeals from all walks of life, and mend the loopholes under the guidance of the indicator system. A number of indicators have been set in the system to address the problems reflected in the questionnaire surveys such as the urgent demand for improving the public services, the urban comprehensive environmental quality to be bettered, and the residents’ sense of international degree to be deepened, including the accessibility and satisfaction of the public services at the communities, the person-times of the foreigners participating in community activities, the coverage of the bilingual signs (including the two-dimensional codes), the coverage of the barrier-free facilities on the district-level roads to be increased from 85% to 100%, and so on.


Enhancing the features means that a number of indicators are set to further highlight the characteristics of the district, such as the person-times of the foreigners participating in community activities, the number of the Foreigner’s Work Permit cards, the number of the enterprises with “one license and multiple locations” and the number of the cases of separation of business license and business certificate, which are all the indicators set on the basis of Changning’s regional and service characteristics such as the large number of foreigners, abundant cultural exchanges and activities at the communities, and the only district in the city with the right to issue the Foreigner’s Work Permit. In terms of the public services at the communities, in light of the narrow and long territory of the district and the integration with the relevant indicators in the 2040 urban master plan of Shanghai, the indicator of the accessibility and satisfaction of the public services at the communities (that is, whether the distance, time, contents and ways of the services are convenient for the service receivers) is set, and the hardware is also considered with “The newly added public open space and the area of the public service facilities are specified for the urban renewal and other projects.”


According to the sources, the indicator system includes more elements reflecting the soft power of the district and the masses’ feel, such as the coverage of the government service matters with no need of on-site process, or one-off on-site process on the district citizens comprehensive service portal, and the satisfaction of the foreigners for the community environment and the comprehensive services. During the five years of implementation, the indicator system will be subject to the mid-term and final assessments, with timely adjustments and improvement to be made following the situational developments or the completion of the stage objectives.

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