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Changning Builds Well-developed Int’l District with 52 Indicators
09/07/2017 Jiefang Daily

The “Indicator System of Changning District for Accelerating the Construction of the Well-developed International District Characterized by Innovation, Fashion And Livability” (the Indicator System for short) has been released recently, and it is Shanghai’s first regional indicator system designed for the construction of the well-developed international district, marking an exploratory step toward the advanced district of a world excellent city.


It is learned that the Indicator System has been adequately integrated with the 2040 urban master plan of Shanghai and based on the "13th Five-year Plan" of the district and the "2017-2021 Urban Renewal Overall Plan of Changning District" and other regional development blueprints, and by drawing on the advanced planning concepts of New York, London, Paris and other international cities, the Indictor System covers the two major strategies of industrial development and urban renewal in the “13th Five-year Plan” period in Changning, as well as the internationalization construction, the improvement of the innovative capacity, the delicacy management, the creation of the talent environment, the enhancement of ecological and dwelling environment, the quality and balanced development of the public services, and other contents.


With the 5 years of span for the assessment of the system from this year to the end of 2021, the Indicator System includes 52 specific indicators covering 12 key areas. According to the Indicator System, in terms of the industrial development, during the “13th Five-year Plan” period the three major industries including the aviation service industry in Changning will maintain an average annual double-digit growth. By the end of 2021, the number of regional headquarters of multinational companies in Changning will increase from 44 to 59 at the end of 2016, and the number of leading enterprises (domestic-funded) will rise from 31 to 60, with the added value of the modern service industry expanded from 60.3% to 65% of the regional GDP.


According to the district’s characteristic of concentration of foreigners, Changning has set the relevant indicators. For example, the proportion of the foreigners will go up from 8.86% in 2016 to about 10% of the total population in the district in 2021, and 100% coverage of bilingual signs and two-dimensional codes will be achieved for the road signs and at the A rated scenic spots.


In addition, Changning has also formulated the indicator of "satisfaction of the foreigners for the community environment and comprehensive services" for the first time, and will invite the foreign residents in the district to conduct comprehensive assessment of hospitals, schools, restaurants and other life supporting facilities as well as the household services, urban security, city environment and other factors.


Gu Honghui, governor of Changning District, said that the formulation of the Indicator System rose above the traditional statistical indicators by focusing on the international vision and advanced development concepts, urban development highlights and characteristics, integration of comprehensive indicators and micro-level indicators and other features, including both extensive indicators and representative indicators, with all the indicators divided into the three categories of monitoring, expecting and binding.


Changning attaches the same importance to the urban renewal as the industrial development in strategy. Therefore, the newly released Indicator System includes both the expecting indicators such as the full coverage of protection for outstanding historical buildings and the binding indicators such as “newly building 38 kilometers of urban slow traffic system in 5 years” as well as the monitoring indicators such as “the green traffic accounting for more than 65% of all transportation means”. This year, the district has implemented the project of construction and reconstruction of fine communities”. According to the Indicator System, the reconstruction projects of 3 fine communities will be completed in the district this year, and from next year to 2021, at least 10 fine communities will be reconstructed each year.


According to Lu Hao, director of Changning District Development and Reform Commission, the formulation of the Indicator System was an “open” process, as invited to participate in the process were the enterprise representatives, the white-collar workers at the office buildings, the community residents, the foreigners, some foreign consuls in Shanghai and the global urban development strategy think tank of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. In the future, Changning will continue to solicit opinions and suggestions from all walks of life, make dynamic adjustments and improvements to some indicators in the course of implementation, and further deepen the construction of the well-developed international district of the excellent global city.

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