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“Changning Temperature” Warms Heart in Cold Wave
01/22/2018 Changning Times

With the cold wave striking the city, the relevant departments in Changning have responded rapidly and taken various measures to provide protection against the cold. The officials headed by deputy district governor Xu Jing carried out supervision and inspection over the warmth-keeping and safety at some nursing institutions for the aged in the district, sending regards to the senior citizens and learning about their life and protection against the cold. For the group of the aged, the district bureau of civil affairs has intensively inspected all the nursing homes in the district, requiring to ensure the normal supply of heating by air conditioning and hot water, and implement the 24-hour watch system, with the doctors and nurses asked to constantly pay attention to the senior citizens’ physical conditions. Home visits have been carried out and increased to the old people living alone, the empty nesters and the needy senior citizens. At the same time, the role of the community volunteers has been brought into full play, with the contacts with the care targets strengthened by relying on the “Old Pal Program”, the senior citizen mutual assistance and neighborliness stations and other services for the aged. Through the online life service center, the care phone calls have been made to the old people living alone and the families with all members above the age of 60, so as to remind the senior citizens to pay attention to keeping warm and reserve enough food. In addition, the senior citizen service facilities such as the day care centers for the aged, the senior citizen activity rooms and the community dinner-assistance centers for the aged in the district have timely turned on the heating equipment, and extended the opening hours if conditions permit.

The district bureau of civil affairs have made effective efforts in publicity, guidance and the issuance of materials for protection against the cold, and registered those refusing the aid and regularly tracked and revisited them. The safety management has been strengthened at the aid stations, and the 24-hour all-weather aid has been provided. With the warm air conditioning turned on and the thick cotton-padded clothes and quilts prepared, the aid receivers can have access to hot meals and hot shower at any time, with the satisfaction of the aid receivers substantially improved.

As of January 9, the district aid station provided assistance to a total of 43 vagrants and beggars at the station, including 21 persons sent in by the police; a total of 55 person times of street sleepers refusing to seek help at the station were aided with the materials distributed, including 43 quilts, 43 pairs of cotton shoes, 79 packages of instant noodles, biscuits and other food stuffs, and 108 notices on seeking help sent to all walks of life.

After the meteorological department issued the blue warning of cold wave, the district administration of landscaping and city appearance started the emergency response plan and properly made arrangements for greening maintenance, guarantee of environmental sanitation and other tasks.

The greening departments at all levels at the district administration of landscaping and city appearance have completed the inspections of the non-cold-tolerant plants in the district, and taken appropriate protective measures for different varieties of plants. At the same time, the greening departments at all levels have arranged for workers every day to timely remove the accumulated water and ice at the green areas in open parks and squares and on the roads, so as to prevent pedestrians from slipping down and injuring themselves. In the environmental sanitation guarantee work, the district administration of landscaping and city appearance has paid close attention to the temperature changes and timely adjusted the methods of sanitation work. In order to avoid icing on the road and ensure the safety for vehicles and pedestrians, the road washing operation will be stopped when the temperature is lower than 4 ℃. At the same time, the sanitation work has been effective in dynamic cleaning, with the water on the roads, in the ditches and at the openings to the ditches timely eliminated. In terms of maintenance of facilities and equipment and logistical emergency support, the district administration of landscaping and city appearance has checked the operational vehicles one by one and focused on inspection of the parts that are susceptible to cold weather such as antifreeze, hydraulic oil, water tanks, oil ways and water ways; with regards to the emergency supplies, the industrial salt, shovels, snow shovels and other emergency tools have been prepared and delivered in advance to the operation stations.

In order to reduce the negative impact of the cold weather on the people’s life, the traffic police in Changning District were fully arranged on their posts. The “One Plan for One Place” has been made for the areas prone to traffic congestion and accidents, so as to strive to minimize the adverse effects of cold weather on the public life. In order to avoid the icing of winter rain on the roads affecting the safe traffic, the workers at Changning District Road Administration carried out operation in the cold winter wind, renovating some road surface parts to ensure the normal use of the roads even when the icing happens. Recently, the continuous cold weather caused icing on some roads, and in order to ensure the safety of the vehicles, every morning from 6:30 to 8:00, the youth commando at the repair shop took the initiative to arrange for the workers of the three work procedures to carry out the cold-resistance guarantee work for both vehicles and drivers. Since the beginning of the winter, the New Changning Xianxia Property Management Co., Ltd. has fully arranged the workers on the posts, with the working time reaching 15 hours every day, and almost all the operations completed in the open air. Although the workers suffered from the chilly weather, they are still on the job in order to keep the residents' houses against the cold wave.

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