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National Flower of Norway Introduced into Gubei Flower World
01/23/2018 Shanghai City News

Shanghai Gubei Flower World, which will be put into operation soon, has introduced thousands of pots of Erica, the national flower of Norway, to decorate the environment and bring aroma to the cold winter.

Norway's national flower has a beautiful name Erica, commonly known as Scottish heather, and its flower language is loneliness and betrayal. It is a cold-resistant undershrub of the frigid zone in the azaleas family. In order to adapt to the environment, its leaves have grown thin and small, and its flowers are also surprisingly tiny in the shape of bell with the diameter less than half a centimeter. In the snow-capped North Europe where almost all plants have withered, the small Erica stubbornly grow in the frozen wilderness with its tiny size, scattering on the mountains and in the fields, never withering, and providing the feed for the reindeers in the barren ice polar region in the chilly winter. The brave and selfless, white, peach and purple flowers bloom in the snow, bringing some spring scenery to the ice capped land.

According to Yu Zhengyi, general manager of Gubei Flower World, the introduction of the flower aims to fill in the gap of flowering plants in winter and ensure that there are flower greeting the customers at the entrance to the shopping mall in each season. At the same time as the introduction of the Erica, the shopping mall will bring in more flowers of the four seasons from all over the world, so as to conform to the international characteristic of Gubei New Area.

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