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Police Publicize “Control of Fireworks and Crackers” to Expats at Neighborhoods

2018 is the third year after the revision and enforcement of the Shanghai Regulation on Safety Administration of Fireworks and Crackers. In order to ensure the continuously strict implementation of the ban on selling and setting off in the “Regulation”, since mid-December, the Changning Public Security Sub-bureau has stepped up its efforts in law and regulation enforcement by severely cracking down on the violations and criminal behaviors such as online and offline sales of fireworks and crackers in all processes of illegal transportation, storage and setting off. On the other hand, the police stations have vigorously supported the work in publicity of control of fireworks and crackers in various ways.

Recently, the Hongqiao Road Police Station of the sub-bureau has worked with the firehouse branch to promote the control of fireworks and crackers to the expats in Shanghai at the neighborhoods and international schools. During the process, the police distributed the “Notice to Residents” and the pamphlets on “ban on setting off” in four languages, and joined hands with the foreign friends to put up the posters and replace the traditional practice of setting off fireworks by writing couplets.

After three consecutive years of continuous publicity, the work in "banning the setting off" has won the understanding and support of the residents, and many residents have taken the initiative to join in the efforts in publicity. Through the publicity campaign in the expat communities, the Hongqiao Road Police Station and the firehouse branch have extended the efforts to the group of expats, not only making the relationship between the police and the public closer and expanding the group of receivers, but also helping the expats with better integration by deepening their understanding of Shanghai’s policies.

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