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No Waiting Time Required on Imported Milk Powder for Customs Entry
01/30/2018 Labor Daily

Upon system innovation, imported milk powder needs air freight for inspection at first. If qualified, the same batch can enter the country directly through ocean freight. Time for inspection shortens from 20 days to 1 day, thus greatly strengthening the market competitiveness of enterprises. According to the information released by Changning District Government, the District has joined hands with the Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (the Bureau for short). The two parties has signed and implemented the “Plan for Cooperation in Promoting Quality Joint-governance and Organizing Facilitated Pilots”. By now, the first batch of 5 enterprises have signed a pledge of quality and safety.


As for the qualified enterprises, the Bureau carries out a new model of differential classified management including “clearance upon documents examination” and “direct import”, on the basis of ensuring efficient law enforcement, controllable risks and holding bottom-line of quality safety. All this contributes to improving trade facilitation at utmost. Among the first batch of 5 pilot enterprises which have signed the pledge of quality and safety are Shanghai New Union Textra Import and Export Co., Ltd., Oravida (Shanghai) Food Co., Ltd., The Land Xinyun (Shanghai) E-commerce Co., Ltd., Guangpai Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and New Balance Trade (China) Co., Ltd. Upon temporary confirmation, the pilot work will last for one year. Afterwards, according to the actual situation of pilots and upon appraisal and negotiation, the district government and the Bureau will expand pilot scope in due time.


Upon introduction of on-site enterprises, taking imported milk powder as an example, foods need inspection and quarantine once entering Shanghai. Generally, it will take 20 days to issue a certificate upon inspection, greatly affecting foods with short shelf life. Upon policy entitled “air inspection and ocean clearance”, it is to firstly inspect a part of milk powder upon air freight. If qualified, the same batch of ocean-freight powder can directly enter Shanghai. Thus, thanks to the shortening of inspection time for relevant products from 20 days to 1 day, the market competitiveness of enterprises are much reinforced.

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