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Hongqiao Business District Builds Changning Shopping Paradise with New Thinking
01/08/2018 Jiefang Daily

According to the statistics of relevant departments, in the first 11 months of 2017, the total turnover of seven major commercial entities in Hongqiao shopping district in Changning District exceeded RMB3.9 billion, an increase of over 13% over the same period of last year. With the entity commerce impacted by the Internet business, such a “report card” is really beyond people’s expectation.


All the achievements resulted from the active efforts jointly made by the relevant departments of Changning District and the major businesses: with free parking for 5 hours for any consumption on holidays, special activities attracting shoppers and the quality improvement advancing the sustainable development of the commerce, Changning District Hongqiao shopping district has embarked on an innovative path in building the commercial environment, optimizing and adjusting the commercial types, organizing the commercial, tourist and cultural activities and other aspects.


Free Parking Attracts Consumers


Difficult and expensive parking is a common problem in shopping and dining out, which has made more and more people prefer to shop online at home. Since August 13, 2016, Changning District Hongqiao and Zhongshan Park Area Function Development Office (“Hongqiao Office” for short) has joined hands with Tianshan Sub-district to launch the free parking activity at Hongqiao shopping district, and the first to sign the agreement were 6 shopping malls including L’Avenue, Hongqiao Friendship Shopping Center, Huijin Department Store, Hongqiao Art Center, Parkson Newcore and Arch Shanghai, which provided a total of about 3,000 parking spaces for sharing. In more than one year, the initiative has been well received by the consumers.


"On statutory holidays and weekends, a consumer can park at any one of the 6 shopping malls for free for 5 hours by showing the parking coupon received at the reception desk of the shopping mall with the receipt for the purchase of even a bottle of mineral water on the same day,” said Yuan Qingxiang, director of Hongqiao Office, adding that after the discussions with the shopping malls, they decided not to set a minimum amount of spending, in a bid to attracting shoppers and drive up the consumption. The move was also a result achieved by the shopping malls for win-win cooperation and sharing development.


In the past, some shopping malls had launched the marketing measure of free parking for the purchases above a certain sum, but the initiatives were mostly the "go-it-alone" behaviors of individual businesses and usually the parking time was 2 hours at the most. In a period of 5 hours, one can take their time to see a movie, eat at a restaurant and go shopping.


Featured Activities Attract Visitors


At the end of the year, it is also the Christmas and New Year's Day, and various featured activities launched by the businesses in Hongqiao shopping district have attracted the consumers: from now until January 14 next year, L’Avenue introduces the "Warm Winter X Mystery City" Christmas theme activity, and Hongqiao The Place organizes the “Jimmy Kiss & Goodbye Special Exhibition"; from now until January 3 next year, Takashimaya Shanghai Store will launch the “Christmas Songs and Dances, New Year's Greetings – New Year’s Cake and Sake” theme activities. The theme activities will enable the consumers to experience new ideas and feel the “sincerity” and “warmth” of the shopping malls.


The Hongqiao Art Center, located on Tianshan Road, has received a total of nearly 1 million visitors since it opened more than one year ago. In addition to undertaking the functional performances, government activities and the playing of public welfare films, the Hongqiao Art Center has also considered the actual situations of the shopping district nearby and focused on the Kaixin Mahua stage comedies, cartoon musicals and signing sessions of the stars to greatly improve its popularity. With colorful shows and activities, the major businesses at the Hongqiao shopping district have drawn the young white-collar consumers to the area from nearby and even the whole city, driving and improving the business quality of the whole shopping district.


Quality Improved, Attraction Enhanced


Hongqiao shopping district is an area with West Zhongshan Road to the east, Furongjiang Road to the west, Huangjincheng Avenue to the south, and South Yuping Road and Tianshan Branch Road to the north, and the commercial facilities are mainly distributed in an area in the shape of “#” formed by Loushanguan Road, Zunyi Road, Tianshan Road and Xianxia Road, covering a total commercial area of about 650,000 square meters. It is one of the 14 municipal shopping districts of Shanghai including East Nanjing Road, Middle Huaihai Road, Xujiahui and so on.


According to the sources, going forward, Hongqiao Office will continue to actively improve and upgrade the Hongqiao shopping district on the basis of the existing conditions, develop a more convenient environment for shopping and consumption, and promote the brand of “Shopping in Changning”. For example, the district will organize visits to the businesses to keep up with the latest developments, strengthen humanistic care and push the enterprises to optimize and adjust their business activities; the district will encourage and direct the businesses to carry out various theme activities, and join hands with related departments to integrate commerce, tourism, culture and sports into shopping districts, stores and green spaces.


It is learned that in order to help the customers to find parking spaces accurately, Hongqiao Office has specially designed the shopping district parking navigation on its WeChat public account, and will also vigorously coordinate the relevant parking system operation companies to develop the electronic payment, intelligent management and other systems. In the future, the consumers driving their own cars will have convenient access to the vacant parking spaces provided by the shopping malls for free on the APP, and they can also book the parking spaces at their destinations so as to avoid the trouble of finding no spaces to park their cars.


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