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Better life, better Changning

As one of Shanghai’s downtown districts, Changning is turning itself into a business friendly and livable international community of excellence.









Its prosperity, green water and blue sky, open and humanistic atmosphere let you live and work in peace and contentment.



Great changes have taken place in fields of industrial and commercial development, urban renewal and people’s livelihood since the beginning of the year.






The three pillars of local economy - aviation services, Internet plus life services and fashion and creative industry - rise rapidly.



Shanghai Hongqiao Linkong Economic Demonstration Zone in the west side of the district has introduced 10 aviation services providers since the beginning of the year.






During the same period, 369 new businesses registered in the pilot zone of Internet plus life services. Columbia Circle has become a new landmark in Hongqiao Fashion and Creative Cluster.






More than 100 artificial intelligence startups have been established in the Hongqiao Smart Valley. 



Meanwhile, construction of the Livat shopping center by IKEA Centers China has kicked off in Xinjing Town. It will feature around 300 fashion, catering and entertainment brands from around the world and home the fourth IKEA outlet in the city.






French retailer Carrefour SA also opened its largest store in Changning. The flagship store at 18 Tianshan Road W. is the smartest Carrefour hypermarket throughout the country and with the best shopping environment.



The 18 Plaza where the Carrefour new store locates is home to the world leading online-to-offline (O2O) local life service platform Meituan-Dianping.






In the Zhongshan Park Commercial Circle, Cloud Nine Shopping Mall has upgraded most shops in it. New highlights include the first MUJI bakery in the mainland and the second ZARA concept throughout the world.



The Raffles City Changning opened last year is a mix of historic buildings and fashion business. It features a century-old bell tower and auditorium previously belonging to the St Mary’s where Eileen Chang once studied.






Several blocks away, the Hongqiao Business Area is home to a number of shopping and cultural complexes, such as the Arch Walk, L’Avenue, The Place and Hongqiao Art Center.



After years of construction, underground pedestrian tunnels connect dozens of malls and office buildings in the business area, making it possibly the longest underground footpath in Shanghai.





Changning also renovated some of its century-old streets and factories. Modern design and architecture allow old construction to meet new ideas and materials. It’s not only the look of the street that’s changing, but also the lifestyle of the people who live on it.





Moreover, a footpath was built along the Suzhou Creek. The footpath, a 25-kilometer non-motorized transport in Linkong and the greenway at the Outer Ring Road jointly form a slow life ecosystem.






The former Shanghai International Gymnasium Center is being demolished and will be replaced by an entirely new one.



Eight more bridges will be built over the Suzhou Creek together with four new tourists’ wharfs.






Changning will build more elderly care facilities in local communities amid a soaring elderly population.



By 2020, every community in Changning will have a senior service center, a nursing home, four or five day care centers and a seniors’ club.



The district will also establish early screening, community prevention, family support, professional intervention and care institutions for seniors who suffer cognitive disorders.



By the end of last year, Changning had more than 200,000 permanent residents aged above 60, accounting for 35.3 percent of the population. That is expected to hit 40 percent by 2020.






For their convenience, government has streamlined the approval procedure for the installation of elevators in old multi-story apartment buildings. Fourteen elevators have been installed while another 57 are with the installation anticipated.



Changning is intensifying its high quality education resources through the establishment of the education groups. Teachers, curriculums and hobby clubs are shared within each group to promote a balanced development of education, as well as continuously improving education quality.






The newly-established Tianshan School offers education from kindergarten to senior high school. Eleven education groups have been established in the past two years to cover compulsory education in the district.



Moreover, Changning government has introduced 52 indexes as benchmark to measure the development of the district amid its long-term goal to become an international community of excellence.



The indexes or rather the goals set by the end of 2021 involve the population of local expats, social services, transport, urban construction and environment.



As planned, Changning aims to attract at least 59 multinational corporations to set up their headquarters within the district by the end of 2021.





Another index suggested about 650,000 overseas tourists traveling to Changning annually by 2021, from 583,000 in 2016. The Hongqiao International Airport will handle 44 million passengers annually by then.



Changning also sets targets on the number of Michelin-starred eateries, stores of international fashion brands, parks, museums, green transport, preserved historic buildings as well as residents’ anticipated lifespan.



The district will build 38 kilometers of pedestrian paths by 2021 and 100,000 square meters of new parks and green spaces.



Average life expectancy of Changning residents is forecast to be a year longer than the city’s average by 2021.




District aims to increase the percentage of its foreign population to 10 percent within five years from 8.86 percent at present.



Foreign residents will take part in 15,000 community activities annually by 2021, one of the indexes says. Currently, they participate in over 9,000 community events every year.



The indexes were jointly drawn up by the Changning government and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences through learning from the concept of advanced urban development of international cities and docks Shanghai 2040 Master Plan.






The indexes created are highly recognizable, with strong influence, perceivable and practicable. They will be used for comparison and statistics in building Changning into an innovation-driven, fashionable, lively, green and livable international community of excellence.



Additionally, the district aims to make its foreign residents more satisfied every year to their communities’ environments and services.



The government will invite expats to evaluate the services of local hospitals, schools and eateries, housing services, safety and the environment.



To better serve expats, bilingual signs will cover all in- and outdoors guideposts for roads, tourists’ attractions, Metro stations, parking lots and other venues.



Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily






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