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5-year-old civic hall extends services

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5-year-old civic hall extends services




The five-year-old Gubei Civic Center at 99 Fugui Road E. has extended its services to government affairs, everyday life, cultural exchange and community joint governance.






Workshops at the Gubei Civic Center provide courses on subjects like folk music, fine arts, dancing, cooking and calligraphy.




At the same time, the Hongqiao Foreigner Talent Service Center is now open at the Gubei Civic Center.




The new service center can accept applications for temporary residence and work permits as well as offer consultations on entries and exits, residence and work.




Previously, foreign residents in Gubei had to go to the Hongqiao One-Stop Service Center of Overseas Talents near the Sky Soho about 10 kilometers away to apply for work permits.






They can now apply for important certificates at their community service center. A highlight of the new center is that foreign volunteers are among the service staff.




The volunteers work along with human resources, police and entry and exit officials.




An overseas volunteer recruitment center has been unveiled at the center to encourage expats to join the city’s community volunteer team.






Moreover, a panel of 12 counselors works for local residents. The chamber, with its regular meetings held at the Gubei Civic Center, includes six foreigners.




They hold meetings once a month. The counselors bring to the body feedback from their communities: problems, suggestions for improvements, and praise for systems that work well.




Sometimes, counselors even visit residents’ apartments to deal with specific grievances.




They have encouraged everyone in the community to contribute ideas for the maintenance and management of their neighborhood.





More than half of the over 32,000 residents in Gubei come from abroad. The overseas residents, including foreign diplomats and senior officials of multinational enterprises, come from over 50 countries and regions.






Everything from Japan available here





The J Town at the LG1 of Changning-based shopping mall Arch Walk offers almost everything from Japan.






More than a dozen of Japanese restaurants treat guests with sushi, sashimi, barbecue, Kanto Cooking and even sticky rice balls.






Daily necessities, like tableware or stationery, are sold at bargain prices at the Japanese dollar store Daiso but with excellent qualities.






Garment stores send their seasonal greetings with the most “in” products, many of which are on the trendsetters’ “must have list.”





The Wanda theater next door has six auditoriums, all equipped with Samsung Onyx LED screens. Each auditorium has 275 electronic motion recliner sofas as well as a coffee and meal service to make the movie-watching experience more enjoyable.








Palm pay at smart wet market





A smart wet market is now open at the first floor of an artificial intelligence industry center at Furongjiang Road.






The Meitian wet market is like startups in the Hongqiao AI Valley - Greenland Intelligence Community - at 201 Tianshanzhi Road that establishes its business on the smart technology.




Like the traditional ones, on the shelf are orderly rows of meats, vegetables, mushrooms, sea food, seasonings and import groceries, but the counters could be unmanned as customers can check with their palms.




The market has adopted a retail payment system using biometric palm vein authentication technology.






Once customers have registered their palm vein biometrics with Alipay, they can check in and pay by scanning their palms.




Additionally, the market is expected to open round the clock.









Beautiful scenery makes everyday shine




Changning has improved its infrastructure, after carrying out projects such as the underground installation of pipelines, green space construction and the renovation of historic neighborhood.






The renovation was not only for the six-day China International Import Expo held earlier this month but benefits everyone in the district.




To reach the goal, greenery along Hongqiao Road were upgraded. Nine streets were stripped overhead wires, poles and other equipment that had been once an eyesore.






Nearly 10 kilometers of power lines and overhead cables along Beidi Road, Tianshan Road W., Suining Road, Xianxia Road W., Yingle Road, Lianhong Road, Youle Road, Huanlu Road and Jingli Road W. have been buried underground.




Graceful all-in-one utility poles now punctuate clear skyline, replacing the ugly power poles that previously carried swathes of black cabling.




Underground installation of pipelines also completed at Hunan Road, Tai’an Road, Xingguo Road, Huashan Road, Yuyuan Road and Hongqiao Road. Street lights and cameras have been installed on the new utility poles.







Earlier this year Changning cleaned up an abandoned area near Xianxia Road W. which used to be piled up with rubbish. The rubbish has been removed with the illegal structures dismantled. Now the whole area has been planted with greenery.



Changning adopted the highest standards to improve its infrastructure and beautify the neighborhood for a better life every day.





Better solutions, better neighborhood




Changning will refurbish its historic areas by demolishing illegal buildings at historic neighborhoods, improving facilities of public spaces and outsourcing urban renewal projects to enterprises.






Many old communities feature narrow lanes and zigzag footpaths, which pose a bottleneck for the development of surrounding areas.




Demolishing the illegal buildings will improve the environment and extend urban renewal from streets to communities.




More benches and greenery will be introduced to provide more outdoor rest places. Through micro-refurbishment, more public spaces will be put into use.






Government will outsource the urban renewal projects and invite local residents and social organization to take part in the renovation to make the neighborhoods a lively place for historical and cultural convergence.




Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily




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