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Wet market gets smart

A smart wet market has opened at the first floor of an artificial intelligence industry center at Furongjiang Road.





The Meitian wet market is like startups in the Hongqiao AI Valley - Greenland Intelligence Community - in the same building that houses business on the smart technology.



Like traditional markets, on the shelf are orderly rows of meats, vegetables, mushrooms, seafood, seasonings and import groceries, but the counters can be unmanned as customers can pay using their palms, using a biometric palm vein authentication technology.





Once customers have registered their palm vein biometrics with Alipay, they can check in and pay by scanning their palms.



The market is expected to open around the clock.



In the same building, the AI valley separated by the wall covers over 4,000 square meters, features offices, incubators and hi-tech exhibition halls mainly for AI-related companies and startup firms.



The project aims to become one of the three major AI industrial zones in Changning and become a key downtown site for Shanghai to turn into a scientific and innovation center with global influence.





To achieve the goal, the city’s Fudan, Jiao Tong and Tongji universities will set up incubation centers within the complex to develop scientific and innovative startup projects. It plans to incubate about 30 innovative projects on AI and Internet sharing within three years.





The building that houses the wet market and the AI valley was previously the famous Furongjiang Road Computer City Mall.



The computer city mall was once home to over 100 Internet and software companies. HK-listed Digital China launched its business here. It was one of the most popular places in the city for people looking to buy computers and other electronic products.



However, the building has been almost obsolete after two decades of great change in the market, due in the main to the slump in brick-and-mortar business brought about by the online shopping era.



Nearby residents are also keen to have a bigger and more up-to-date wet market to replace a small and old-fashioned one in the vicinity.



Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily





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