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Making business from overseas returnees

Several overseas returnees who have launched businesses in Changning took part in a recent five-day training course as a warm-up for the future entrepreneurship competition.




The closed-door training was run by the entrepreneurship branch of the city’s Western Returned Scholars Association. The training course featured well-designed subjects and prestigious lecturers who shared their experience and professional skills with the students. 




Successful investors and entrepreneurs also took part in roundtable discussions and organized virtual project practice and roadshows.




The best of the students will attend an innovation and entrepreneurship competition among overseas returnees next month.




Changning is trying its best to attract talent from home and abroad as human resources become a key priority for the sustainable development of the district.




A series of services have been introduced to lure talent of all trades.



The Shanghai Hongqiao One-Stop Service Center of Overseas Talents at 999 Jinzhong Road will further expand its services to become China’s most functional and efficient overseas professional service center, according to the Changning government.





Changning is also expanding its “one license with more addresses” trial scheme citywide. Firms based in Changning, particularly Internet startups, will be able to operate in multiple addresses across the city and expand more rapidly with only a single business license.



The practice, which dramatically cuts red tape, is expected to boost business vitality and attract investors and entrepreneurs, according to the district government.




Changning supports innovation and entrepreneurship with preferential policies, cultivation and an atmosphere aimed at putting entrepreneurs on the right track.




Communities, campuses and industrial parks have become three pillars of innovation and entrepreneurship in Changning, particularly as the district plans to create its own entrepreneurial ecosystem through joint development and communication.



Changning has more than 30 incubators at present. Around 80 percent of the startups from them later develop into enterprises and more than 70 percent of them start paying taxes very rapidly, according to the Changning authority.


Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily



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