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Xinhua Road gets a new look, but keeps old charm
Micro-revamps are going on around Xinhua Road in Changning to improve living conditions with subtle renovations while preserving the historical ambiance.








Eight projects were unveiled recently at the opening of the Urban Design Festival at Columbia Circle.



During last year’s urban design festival, micro-revamps were conducted on Yuyuan Road in Changning and results have been well received.








Architects and designers from home and abroad were invited to take charge of micro-renovations of streets, neighborhoods, stairways, signage, bicycle parking and garbage sorting.




A 70-year-old residential building in the Jinglaocun neighborhood on Xinhua Road is being redeveloped with an activity space for seniors.







Another project, a "Walking Laboratory" on Panyu Road will transform a cramped lane in an old residential community into a public space.




A micro-community space is being created at 669 Xinhua Road. He Jia, an architect and a resident in the community designed a 20-square-meter public sitting room for his neighbors.







Gabriele Tempesta, a graduate of Politecnico di Milano in Italy is converting a garbage station into an intelligent recycling station, where residents can easily sort their garbage.




An exhibition of 10 chairs collected from the Xinhua Community is being held in Columbia Circle near the micro-revamps. Used by janitors and cleaners, the chairs are displayed in the square with their origins and stories.




Meanwhile, work has started to develop the area around Xinhua and Panyu roads into a “film complex”, featuring Shanghai culture, according to the Changning government.




The project is part of a series of plans unveiled by the government to revamp the downtown district into a major hub of global fashion and innovation.





Renovation of the Shanghai Film Center will be done along with the redevelopment on a number of neighboring innovative parks. They include G﹒Art, a creative park developed on the former site of Shanghai Rubber Products Institute, as well as warehouse-turned-design-zones Hub 727 and Fahua 525.




The G﹒Art is now home to various fashion stores, restaurants and designing studios.




According to its future blueprint, areas in the creative park will be developed into workshops for independent producers, post-production, and film.



Not far from the future film hub, a planned public bazaar will combine traditional Shanghai “lane lifestyle” with modern fashion culture.


Editor: Li Xinran Shanghai Daily


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