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Children’s Palace of 16 Changning Schools Open for Kids
02/13/2018 Changning Times

The long-expected winter holiday has set in. Dear little friends in Changning, are you confused about where to go in the chilly winter? In 2018 winter vacation, the Children’s Palace of 16 schools in Changning will stay open for kids for free.

For those loving creative design, Kaiyuan School Children’s Palace has run interesting courses on computer software design and the like.

For those loving literature and art, the Children’s Palace of Yan’an Middle School has introduced courses on French and French culture and classic film appreciation; the Children’s Palace of Changning Middle School has set up Peking Opera and Film Appreciation; Shicun Primary School has conducted children’s painting class in the children’s Palace; Xinjing Middle School has multiple choices on chorus and cucurbit flute; Hami Road Primary School has spinning drawing, matchstick men, sand painting, paper quilling and polymer clay to the fancy delight of children and parents alike; and Hongqiao Middle School has set up the Farmer’s Land, Rainbow Meteorological Center and Ecological Creative Workshop, which are very eye-catching and unique.

Sports-loving children can go for karate in the Children’s Palace of Shicun Primary School, learn how to play ping-pong, football and basketball in Xinjing Middle School, and learn how to play chess in Xingwu Middle School. The fitness faddists of the Children’s Palace of Hongqiao Middle School will teach children Kungfu and Sanda. And the Chinese chess of Changning Middle School, the handball of Jianqing Experimental School, the women’s volleyball of Fudan Primary School, and the funny ping-pong of Gubei Road Primary School are happy venues for kids for their winter vacation.

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