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Shanghai Boasts of 1,542 Intelligent Micro-markets
02/05/2018 Jiefang Daily

Are you worried about no vegetable markets nearby or no time for vegetable picking due to heavy work? You can be free from worry now thanks to the community intelligent micro-markets (CIMM for short) entitled “Internet + Vegetable Basket”. Initiated by the Shanghai Commission of Commerce, the CIMM offers a new trail vegetable sale. Shanghai had established up to 1,542 CIMMs by the end of last year. Moreover, “Newly-constructing 500 Community Intelligent Micro-markets” is listed on the 2018 governmental plans.

Mainly represented with automatic vegetable-sale machine (AVM for short) as well as offline picking upon online booking, CIMM transforms vegetable markets into AVM equipped with unmanned terminal with constant temperature for intelligent and automatic sale of vegetables. Through such channels as the official website, mobile phone App and WeChat, CIMM offers fresh non-staple foods upon booking and buying for residents. Making use of overall cold-chain distribution, it promotes precise marketing level for communities, thus achieving combination of internet technology and modern agriculture produce.

Last year, Shanghai saw a growing number of intelligent micro-markets. Besides in communities, CIMM also grows in business buildings, schools, hospitals and entrepreneurship parks and the like. In addition, CIMM has recently launched “along the street” model in Changning. Located at Anshun Road, the first AVM has produced over a daily average of 100 purchase orders. The site used to be an unauthorized building. After pulling it down, CIMM was introduced into the sub-district for the convenience of the neighborhoods. Meanwhile, CIMM has eased the vegetable crunch for office workers along the road.


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