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Hongqiao Hub Upgraded with License Plate Recognition System
02/09/2018 Changning Times

It is learnt from Shanghai Hongqiao Hub that the P9 and P10 parking garages on the north and south of West Hongqiao Transportation Center have been upgraded with the license plate recognition system (LPRS), which is now under test run.

There are about 3,000 fixed parking lots and 100 temporary parking lots for small cars in P9 and P10 garages. To accelerate the vehicle passing speed and ease the congestion at the entrance and exit, Hongqiao Hub has replaced the pricing mode of the original paper cards with the license plate automatic recognition system, the online payment and other technical means.

In short, the system will automatically recognize the license tag when a car drives at the entrance of P9 or P10 garage and will match the plate again when it exits. Meanwhile, it will calculate the parking fee in accordance with the charging system, thus applying intelligent management and supervision to the garages.

In addition, the online paying function has been reserved in the design of this system. Users are soon expected to pay the parking fees in advance via Alipay, Unionpay and other online platforms and leave the garage within prescribed time.

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