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Beautiful home, beautiful Changning
03/16/2018 Shanghai Daily

Xinhua Road, Panyu Road, Yuyuan Road and Wuyi Road will become the four most beautiful streets in Changning amid the district’s effort to turn itself into an international community of excellence.


Xinhua Road


A three-year action plan published recently mapped out the future development of Changning in the improvement of sanitation, construction of smart city and environmental governance.

The downtown district has revealed its ambition to become the cleanest, most orderly, safest and most civilized throughout the city.

Eight streets with nice views, a 38-kilometer slow traffic system will be built in line with the blueprint which also involves a footpath along the Suzhou Creek as well as an increase of 60,000 square meters of green space.


A footpath along the Suzhou Creek


Changning will renovate 246,000 square meters of old residential buildings where people still share kitchens and toilets. Every year, 1 million square meters of local residences will have their public facilities and environment upgraded.


A three-year action plan published recently has mapped out the future development of Changning in the improvement of sanitation, construction of smart city and environmental governance.


Looking back over the past year, Changning has made great strides in economic and social development, particularly in the fields of industrial transformation, environmental protection, urban renewal and public health.

Changning is trying its best to improve the air quality by eliminating some of the factors that can cause air pollution. In addition, all coal-fired boilers within the district have been demolished while oil-fired boilers will also gradually phase out and replaced by natural-gas fueled ones.

Moreover, Changning authorities have got rid of black sludge flowing through the district by the end of September. District leaders were appointed “heads of rivers” in a campaign to clean all the rivers and waterways in the district.

The major clean-up measures include dredging polluted rivers, removing floating pollutants and building separate sewerage and rainwater pipes, as well as demolishing illegal structures on riverbanks.


A bird’s-eye view of the Hongqiao area in the west of Changning, flanked by high buildings


Apart from people’s livelihood, Changning’s economic future will focus on aviation, Internet plus life service and fashion and creative industries.

The district is also creating a business friendly environment, particularly focusing on the security and rule of law, to optimize government administration and services.

As part of Changning’s institutional innovation, the downtown district has issued the city’s first batch of business licenses that allow companies, including those from abroad, to operate in multiple addresses across the city.

Changning supports innovation and entrepreneurship with preferential policies, education and an atmosphere aimed at putting entrepreneurs on the right track.

Communities, campuses and industrial parks have become three pillars of innovation and entrepreneurship in Changning, particularly as the district plans to create its own entrepreneurial ecosystem through joint development and communication.

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