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Foreign Expats’ Wifes of Sunshine Home
03/22/2018 Changning District Publicity Department

For 12 years, volunteer service teams from different countries have come to Sunshine Home at Beixinjing Neighborhood every Tuesday. It is an appointment made between Yangtaitai (literally, foreign expats’ wives) and Sunshine Babies (retarded adult students at Sunshine Home). Those foreign madams assist Sunshine Babies to feel the joy of life and enhance communication skills, gradually forming the volunteer service brand of "Yangtaitai". In this way, they also make contributions to the exchanges and integration of Chinese and foreign cultures.

The international volunteer team in the form of long-term pair launches various activities for students, including western-style cake and biscuit baking or outdoor activities like sports meetings and one-day trip. With better knowledge of new things and basic life skills, Sunshine Babies are accessed to more involvement in happy social interactivity in daily life.

Those foreign madams not only orchestrate activities every Tuesday via video or real-time meeting but also procure activity items personally, hoping students in Sunshine Home to spend the weekly 2 hours in a most colorful and delightful manner. In addition, they collect students' work and do charity sales at their own communities, work company or on the Internet. Students find it rewarding by taking part in activities funded by the revenue, which helps them establish self-confidence. Moreover, with the help of volunteers, they walk on various stages to show their skills. For example, “Chaochao” staged on China Talent Show; the Sunshine Home as a group took part in the special Olympics and emerged before the public.

Over the past 12 years, the foreign madams of “Sunshine Home” volunteer service project has served nearly 25,000 people, with an average service duration of more than 800 hours. During this period, some members left the Home for various reasons, but they would pass this relay baton of love by introducing friends to join, as efforts to fulfill their appointment. Noticeably, their Tuesday volunteering action has never been interrupted despite the changes of seasons. In winter, they buy down jackets for all Sunshine Babies; in summer, they send brightly colored T-shirts to them. Students are showered in their love. After years of efforts, those used to be numb and timid become optimistic, confident and versatile. Now, their laughter and applauses are heard at the balcony from time to time. Thanks to the never-quit effort by the wives of foreign expatriates, Sunshine Babies are entitled to a life full of confidence and pride that ordinary people live.

For Sunshine Babies, the Yangtaitai of “Sunshine Home” is not only a service brand, but a shelter of genuine love thanks to volunteers of different colors and nationalities.


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