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German Students Come to Shanghai for Cultural Exchanges
04/02/2018 Changning Bureau of Cultural Affairs

Recently, a group of young and good-looking German students showed up at Changning Folk Culture Center for the foreign education exchange activity launched by Beixinjing Sub-district Community. A total of 18 German teachers and students visited Shanghai Xiyan’an Middle School for a general impression of what a junior high school is like in Shanghai. The Folk Culture Center, a patriotic education base for the underage, is open for visitors. At the Center, students of Xiyan’an Middle School visited the intangible cultural heritage experience centre and viewed overseas fine calligraphy exhibition. Besides, the traditional Chinese shadow puppet show was presented to the German teachers and students. The storytelling of the Fox and the Tiger and Wusong Fights the Tiger helped them appreciate the profundity of the traditional Chinese culture and the ages-old Chinese stories. Most of the visitors were keen on the shadow play that they had never seen before. They went behind the scene to manipulate the doll one after another. Mr. Clay said these seemingly simple traditions can generate a special feeling. The Folk Culture Center will also commit itself to the long-standing communication and development of Chinese and foreign cultures.

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