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Sake shop offers free drink

A sake shop is hiding in an office building at Yuyuan Road. The Sankinzou at 1417 Yuyuan Road offers a wide range of Japanese sake, most of which were exclusively imported by its owner - a Shanghai woman who had lived in Japan for decades.


Also referred to as a Japanese rice wine, sake is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting rice that has been polished to remove the bran. 

All the activities are free of charge while attendees may have an opportunity to taste 21 brands of Japanese sake. 

Sankinzou and a number of other boutique stores are new highlights of the century-old Yuyuan Road which is getting a facelift.

New facilities and installments have turned Yuyuan Road into an aesthetically appealing, lively place. 


Changning government mapped out the future of the section between Dingxi Road and Jiangsu Road.

Attractive stores, cultural facilities as well as a literary and artistic atmosphere will replace the cramped shops, bringing the street back to its old glory.


The soul of Yuyuan Road might be a century old, but new ideas and styles have rejuvenated it. It’s not only the look of the street that’s changing, but also the lifestyle of the people who live on it.

Yuyuan Road was once a high-end destination for Shanghai’s west side. It has dozens of protected historic and cultural sites as well as historical architecture.

The municipal and local governments have listed the road and blocks around as it as a historic area covering 223 hectares. Garden villas and Western-style lane houses dominate the road.

Many historic figures once lived here. Politicians, business leaders and other celebrities used to frequent the area.





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