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Central Garden to open 24/7
04/09/2018 Shanghai Daily

“If not us, who? If not now, when?”

 – John F. Kennedy





Central Garden to open 24/7




The New Hongqiao Central Garden surrounded by high-rise buildings is expected to open around the clock by the end of the year.




The 130,000 square meter park to the east of Gubei Road, south of Yan’an Road W., west of Yili Road and north of Hongqiao Road is shaded by pleasant trees while ducks swim happily in an 11,000 square meter lake in the center of the park.






Office workers who take Metro Line 10 can reach their offices in the vicinity in less than 5 minutes if they take a shortcut through the park. Otherwise, they need to walk 15 minutes or even longer at night after the park is closed at 7:30pm.




The Hongqiao Community authority decided to open the park all day long in line with a survey made in last month. More than 80 percent of the 419 respondents would like to see the park open 24 hours a day as 52 percent of them felt inconvenient to get to the Metro Line 10 station after working over time.






Before the park gets the green light to stay open 24 hours a day, ubiquitous lighting and video surveillance systems will be installed to make it safe at night.




The park management will be upgraded at the same time. More activities and celebrations, particularly those with music elements, will be introduced to highlight the public open space in the future.





2 Changning firms start business ASAP




Yuezhuo Food and Beverage Service Co and the Zhongshan Road W. outlet of Haixin International Travel Agency Co are the first two businesses in Changning to enjoy a simplified approval procedure since the city’s authorities cut the time and paperwork needed in a bid to improve business environment.




The one-stop service platform offers an online application service for investors who plan to open their businesses.

The Shanghai Administration for Industry & Commerce launched a one-stop service platform online at the end of last month to shorten the time needed to open a company from 22 days previously to five days at present.




From this month, investors who plan to open their businesses in Changning may fill in the forms online. Self-service terminals will be installed at the service hall of the district market supervision bureau at the same time.





Fashion legend goes on at historic club




A fashion show by designer Ximon Lee and sound artist Pan Daijing was held at 1262 Yan’an Rd W. recently.




Ximon Lee designs clothing for people who like to hold onto things; whether it’s a curious grip on his very tactile creations, or a clinging to an emotional state. The process of his recent collaboration with the ultra talented sound artist Pan Daijing required (if not insisted) the latter, and resulted in a rolling sea of disparate pearl work that ping-pongs with Pan’s rhythms.







On the site of the former Columbia Country Club, the show continued the legend and marked the cooperation between the two entering a new stage.




The historic site once served as a campus of the Shanghai Institute of Biological Products Co (SIBP) but is now a 24/7 creative hub called SIBP Navy Club.




This project is a joint venture of SIBP and China Vanke Co, which turns the architectural legacy of modern Shanghai into a vibrant mix of 24/7 cultural and entrepreneurial blocks, corporate offices, residential and retail spaces.






Shared toilets to be flushed out




Two old residential buildings at Lane 211 Xinhua Road will get a facelift where separate toilets and kitchens will replace shared ones.




Lane 211 Xinhua Road

Construction will kick off at the end of May and run through until October. Each of the two apartments has five floors and there are six condos on each floor.




Every two condos have to share a kitchen and a toilet. Residents have  long complained about this inconvenience.




The two buildings are part of Changning’s efforts to finish renovating by 2020 its old residential buildings where residents are still using shared kitchens and toilets.




A shared kitchen in an old apartment building

The renovation campaign has been launched on over 80,000 square meters of old residential houses in three neighborhoods in Tianshan Community.





Tunnels linked up beneath industrial park




Four pedestrian tunnels beneath the core area of Linkong Industrial Park have been linked up.




The shot red lines indicate the location of four tunnels.

The four tunnels built by the Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co jointly form an underground passage network at the intersection of Xiehe Road and Beidi Road.




The world’s biggest precast building parts were adopted during the engineering. After six years of endeavors, the tunnels were finally linked up. Above the tunnels is a commercial complex offering visitors one-stop solutions for shopping and entertainment as well as leisure and cultural activities.  




World’s biggest precast building parts are adopted during the engineering.




The four tunnels have been linked up. 





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