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World’s Largest Rectangular Pipe Jacking Tunnel Poled Through in Changning
05/02/2018 Changning Times

Designed by Shanghai Urban Construction Design & Research Institute under Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd. (STEC) and constructed by STEC, the “Changning Linkong Core Four-Neighborhood Underground Pass Linking Project” has been poled through after six-year construction. Adopting the homemade rectangular pipe jacking, the largest of kind in the world, developed exclusively by STEC for the construction, renewed the record of pipe jacking’s “Top of the World”.

With the intersection between Beizhai Road and Xiehe Road at the center, the Linkong Economic Park extends in a “Grid”-shaped hub zone. This zone will serve as a landmark gateway for whoever enters from Hongqiao Transportation Hub into Changning Road (via Baizhai Road), and provide people with one-stop combination experience of shopping, recreation, leisure-seeking and cultural activities. Therefore, the underground traffic intersection, an easy access to traffic for commuters in and out of the surrounding commercial establishments, helps upgrade the traffic functions, thus effectively pushing forward the economic development of Changning District and the Linkong Economic Park.

Undertaken by Shanghai Urban Construction Design & Research Institute, the “Changning Linkong Core Four-Neighborhood Underground Pass Linking Project” is part of the important underground channels connecting the main axis of the Linkong Economic Park, respectively the 4 pedestrian channels linking 12#~13# land plot, 15#~16# plot passing underneath Xiehe Road, as well as linking 12#~15# plot and 13#~16# plot passing underneath Baizhai Road. Seemingly nothing more than a common project, a pedestrian channel, poses a hard nut for its designers.

As the abovementioned pedestrian passage on the west side of the Baizhai Road - Xiehe Intersection is the sloping section of Outer-ring Elevated Roads, with a clear height of only 2 to 3 meters, it is hard to implement by traditional open-cut construction method. Accordingly, Shanghai Urban Construction Design & Research Institute customizes a unique “Shanghai Scheme” for the rectangular tunnel project of Changning: adopting large-section rectangular jacking pipe with outer size of 10.4 m x 7.5 m, hitherto unprecedented for actual application in Shanghai.

Given the various conditions of the project such as rich groundwater, shallow depth, supersize of jacking pipe and passing at close distance through pile of Outer-ring Elevated Roads and the utility pipeline, the design team adopted protective measures. These include heightening the monitoring, adding multiple grouting holes and timely following with the grouting, as well as constantly optimizing the pipe jacking scheme. In addition, to cope with the prospective influx of people in the passage, the design team has set up a landscape belt in the 120m long main passage, as well as a ventilation and lighting shaft at the top of working shaft at both northern and southern sides. All this contributes to enhancing the internal environment. Moreover, a bending line is adopted for the traffic lane, while the clear width of the passage structure is enlarged to 9 meters, so designed to minimize the sense of insecurity for passers-by in the passage.

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