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Changning Grants 1st Work Permit to Experts Involving in Imported Equipment Purchase
05/24/2018 Changning Times

“We have difficulties in applying work permit for our foreign experts. If we fail to get the work permit for our foreign experts, they have to leave Chinaand no one would give subsequent technical supports to us.” This is the problem facing China Eastern Airlines recently. The company purchased new aircrafts from Airbus, but the foreign technical support personnel from Airbus can not get a new permit for working in China. In the past, after China Eastern Airlines bought large equipments from abroad, say Airbus aircrafts, the foreign aircraft manufacturers would dispatch professional personnel to Chinafor giving technical support to the company for 4 to 5 years. However, the current work permit that the company’s technical support personnel are holding will soon expire. And according to the existing rules of issuing work permit for foreigners to work in Chinaafter the “combination of two certificates” reform, this new batch of technical support personnel is not legible for a work permit in Chinafor the mode of employment and other reasons. China Eastern Airlines turned to the Bureau of Foreign Experts of Changning District Human Resources and Social Security Administration for help. The company said that these technical support personnel would have to leave Chinafor being unable to get a work permit. In that case, the company will find it difficult to provide subsequent technical support for the large aircraft equipment.


Upon the request of the company, Changning District actively helped the company communicate with the relevant government departments and offices. Staffs of the District Foreign Experts Administration and Hongqiao One-Stop Service Center for Overseas Talents made several contacts with China Eastern Airlines and held a “policy interpretation meeting” in the company. As for the elements involving in labor dispatching relation, Changning District briefed China Eastern Airlines that the company should submit documents and contracts that could verify the labor dispatching situation of foreign technical support personnel; the company should also submit relevant documents, including the agreement for purchasing aircrafts, to the government departments. Only after the technical support personnel could meet all the requirements for getting a work permit, the government departments would set up a special channel for issuing work permit for these personnel, and send application to Shanghai Municipal Foreign Expert Administration so as to asking for issuing a work permit to them under a new category: technical support personnel for sales contracts of goods. This approach sets a precedent for granting work permit for technical support personnel engaging in large imported equipment purchase, thus offering reference to other companies under similar problems. China Eastern Airlines and Airbus deemed the approach feasible. A senior executive of Airbus, who traveled to Shanghai from Beijing, said, “It never occurs to me that you have solved this problem so quickly. I’m ready for fighting a protracted war! It seems that I don’t have to go to Shanghai now.” Now all technical support personnel in China Eastern Airlines have received their work permits in China.


In recent years, Changning District has adhered to the precise orientation for talent service and for a sustainable, transparent and fair climate of business. Based on the Hongqiao One-Stop Service Center for Overseas Talents, Changning District builds more service complexes for overseas talents in the district that have more functions, higher efficiency, optimum service and best results. Putting people first in serving the overseas talents, Changning is committed to embracing them in the talents-friendly District and Shanghai.


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