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Art Work Exhibition in L'Avenue
05/29/2018 Jiefang Daily

An art work exhibition, titled “WE LOVE DONUTS”, opened in L'Avenue recently, showing the art works created by Kim Jae Yong, a Korean artist living in the United States. This exhibition will last until June 3 and it opens to the public free of charge.

Kim Jae Yong uses various kinds of materials, including porcelain, clay, flash powder and Swarovski crystals, to make donuts with attractive appearance, bringing stunning visual enjoyment to visitors. Some donuts are painted with illusive wave points, while others painted with patterns of lovely teddy bears, vividly conveying the artist’s understanding on modern art. Visitors would see this art exhibition in the courtyard on the first floor of L'Avenue. In addition, there is a 3 meter’s high gigantic doughnut installation outside L’Avenue. The entire shopping mall has become a world of donuts full of artistic atmosphere.

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